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Re: alt tags no with a twist

From: Colin F Reynolds <colin@nospam.demon.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 21:04:38 +0100
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In article <Pine.GSO.4.02.9808181433250.16333-100000@shell.clark.net>,
David Poehlman <poehlman@clark.net> writes
>Below is a snippet of conversation I'm having with a webmaster concerning
>alt tags.  Is there away around the following problem while still using
>alt tags or any thoughts?

IMO the only way to deal with this is to pressure the browser developers
to remove the ALT-as-Tooltips functionality from their offerings. Check
the www-html thread "Questionable implementation of IMG ALT attribute as
tooltips" from the beginning of this year, in which Foteos Macrides
astutely spotted that

   what you want is:
   <IMG SRC="foo.blah" ALT="alternative_string" TITLE="tooltip_string">

   and broader implementation and understanding of this
   provision in HTML 4.0.

For more info, check out the rant I wrote about this, at:


>"There are some images on the site which do not contain alt tags.  These
>are usually called either bd.gif or td.gif.  These are simple spacers used
>for page layout and should not have alt tags.  If they did, the page would
>pop up with little blank squares as your mouse moved over it on browsers
>like IE 4 or Navigator 4."

I agree with Kynn Bartlett that one should not use "spacer" images (HTML
is not a page-layout language).

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