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Secretaries of State and Federal CIO's

From: Waddell, Cynthia <cynthia.waddell@ci.sj.ca.us>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 15:10:38 -0700
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I thought the list would be interested to know that requests for me to speak
on the City of San Jose's web accessibility effort have increased
considerably.  During the past 5 weeks I have spoken at 4 conferences:
American Bar Association, Technology Summit for Women in Technology
International, Federal Consortium Universal Access Seminar and the National
Association of Secretaries of State.

The latter conference was an opportunity for a significant impact from the
top down at the state level nationally.  The Administrative Codes and
Registers Rules section was very interested in this issue since they are
required by their bylaws to advise the Secretaries of State on effective
management of rule promulgation and publication of administrative codes and

And today it has been confirmed that I will be speaking in September at the
1998 Interagency Resources Management Conference and Federal Chief
Information Officers Conference.  It is encouraging to see the Federal
government placing a high priority on informing their decision makers about
the need for accessible web design.

Without your support of the Web Accessibility Initiative and the hard work
now underway in all sectors of the technology industry, web accessibility
implementation would be quite difficult for those of us involved in
implementation and compliance with state and federal access laws.  Thank

Cynthia D. Waddell
ADA Coordinator
City of San Jose
801 North First Street, Room 460
San Jose, CA  95110-1704
(408)971-0134 TTY
(408)277-3885 FAX
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