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From: Taylor-Made <taymade@csinet.net>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 22:55:13 -0600
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To: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
I have been reading the e-mails for a while now, ever since I came across
the WC3's web site and learnt about the importance of web accessibility.  I
was ignorant of the fact that people with disabilities were unable to get
access to many web pages online.  I am not near as  fluent with html as the
people that post messages on this forum, but I would like your help.  I am
in the process of re-doing my web site to make it accessible to as many
browsers as possible.  I put each page I do through the Bobby vaildator and
am not satisfied until each page gets 4 stars.  Would someone be willing to
give me feedback on my site?  I would really appreciate knowing if what I am
doing is working.  I made a copy of the html of my original page if anyone
was interested in what it was like before I changed it.  I am not done with
the site, as it is quite extensive.  I must admit I rather like my site much
better as it is now and working without tables is really more satisfying.
I have given up some little fancy eye-catchers, but I think it is worth it.
I thank you all in advance for your help and consideration in this matter.

The Educational Emporium:        http://www.csinet.net/taymade

Joyce Taylor
homepage:    http://www.csinet.net/taymade
business site:   http://www.taymade.com
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