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RE: Applicability of Prism?

From: Murarka, Anup <amurarka@spyglass.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 19:48:40 -0600
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The message below was recently forwarded to me with a request to join
the list.  I'll apologize for the delay but here I am.  I'm happy to
address any questions or ideas you might have about Prism.  I have
joined the list so it is not necessary to copy me on a reply.


Anup Murarka			mailto:anup@spyglass.com
Spyglass, Inc.			http://www.spyglass.com

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	I was wondering if anyone was familiar with Spyglass's
	software, Prism.  Apparently, Prism is proxy based system that
	reformats HTML documents for display on non-PC devices such
	as cellular phones.   I know that proxy servers have been
	and used before to improve document accessibility, but I thought

	it might be worth looking into Prism. I'd be interested to know
	if anyone has looked at their conversion routines.

	Information on Prism can be found at


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