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Re: Useability and font selection

From: Larry Goldberg <Larry_Goldberg@wgbh.org>
Date: 10 Feb 1998 16:15:07 -0500
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        Reply to:   RE>>Useability and font selection 

Some very interesting work on this question has been done by the Royal National Institute for the Blind's "Tiresias" project and the development of a font for digital TV in the UK.  See:

- Larry

Date: 2/9/98 7:55 PM
To: Larry Goldberg
From: Robert C. Neff
Has anyone done any studies on the best font to use for people with 
disabilities or for the general public?  We are producing a new web site 
and have not heard of any studies relating to this. Also...

I have never been a fan of Times New Roman on the web because it can be 
difficult to read with my
astigmatism.  Also graphic artists can use anti-aliasing to fool the eye.

I also do not believe (personal opinion) that the studies for written or 
printed text can be easily transposed to the web environment.  I am not 
seeing this type of research.  Do you know of any?

I was hoping there was definitive research in this area "font selection on 
the web"

Lastly, style sheets are good for an intranet or extranet - not for an 
internet.  We have identified our target audience and we are developing for 
the lowest common "browser" (Microsoft or Netscaep 2) and text based. 
 Therefore style sheets are not for us -darn!


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