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Universal Access Online Event - Markle Foundation

From: Steven Clift <clift@publicus.net>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:37:29 -0500
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Greetings WAI-IG and UACCESS-L,

This is a special invitation to the Markle Foundation's E-mail for 
All Universal Access Conversation.  The focus of the event is on 
universal access to e-mail and the Internet.  For our Universal 
Internet theme we have drafted the following question:

An essential aspect of a "Universal Internet" is access to technology
and content regardless of disability. What is being done to 
ensure broad access to the Internet's content and services? 
What are some recent successes? What challenges remain? Will 
designing for accessibility incorporate access through non-computers 

How can we improve this question?  Does anyone have a generalist 
short essay on the topic that they would like share during the 
event (see the web site for details)? If you have additional policy 
questions that you would like to raise please send them in via our 
comment form or e-mail to: emfa@publicus.net

The event as a whole covers a wide range of issues related to 
"universal access" and the audience that is coming together is quite 
diverse.  Please help spread the word to others who you think would 
be interested.


Steven Clift
E-Mail for All

P.S. We have designed our site with accessibility in mind and would 
appreciate any comments or concerns that you might have before the 
event starts next week.  While e-mail receipt of the event is our 
basic accessibility approach, we are working on the look 
and feel template for our web archive which uses MHonArc.  Has anyone 
used this tool and manipulated the "rc file" with accessibility in 
mind?  If so, I will forward your advice to our web designer.

 Markle Foundation's E-Mail for All Outreach Campaign
- - - - - http://www.iaginteractive.com/emfa - - - - -

An invitation to the ...

     Universal Access Conversation:
     Building a Networked Nation on the Global Internet

     An Online Event
     Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 15, 1998
     URL: http://www.iaginteractive.com/emfa

     Four Themes: 
     Universal E-mail, Universal Internet, Networking 
     Communities, and Private and Public Markets Connect

The Markle Foundation, Zoe Baird, President, and the members 
of their E-MAIL FOR ALL Board of Advisors invite you to the 
Universal Access Conversation.

Charles Ardai    - President, Juno Online Services
W.Bowman Cutter  - Managing Director, E.M. Warburg, Pincus & Co.
Gene DeRose      - Chairman & CEO, Jupiter Communications
Esther Dyson     - Chairman, EDventure Holdings
David Ellington  - Co-Founder & CEO, Net Noir, Inc.
Jeff Greenfield  - Cable News Network
Reed Hundt       - Former Chairman, FCC
Julia Johnson    - Chairman, Florida Public Service Commission
Macdara MacColl  - Director of Business Development, iVillage
Daniel Okrent    - Editor of New Media, Time Inc.
Jonathan Peizer  - Chief Information Officer, Open Society
Shabbir Safdar   - Founder, Voters Telecommunications Watch
Christine Varney - Partner, Hogan and Hartson

This is a significant opportunity to share your knowledge
and experiences on topics related to universal access to e-mail
and the Internet with other eminent leaders and practitioners.

How to participate ...

     Visit the EMFA web site for event details and make 
     your essay, article, online resource, and mailing
     lists submissions for the event theme web pages:


     Join the facilitated and moderated Universal Access 
     Conversation e-mail list.  Subscribe now so you won't 
     miss a message starting May 4.  Only 5 to 15 clearly
     identified messages each weekday for the two week event.

     Send an e-mail message to:


     In message body write:

         subscribe emfa-event

     To receive important EMFA announcements, join our one-way 
     announcement list (join only one list), instead write:

         subscribe emfa-announce

E-MAIL FOR ALL is designed to stimulate a national dialogue
on universal access to e-mail and the Internet.  It is
is coordinated by the International Advisory Group for the 
Markle Foundation. It is an integral part of the Markle 
Foundation's work to encourage the use of new communications 
technologies for socially beneficial purposes. 

Send questions or comments via e-mail to: emfa@publicus.net  
Press inquiries via telephone to IAG at:  + 

 Markle Foundation's E-Mail for All Outreach Campaign
- - - - - http://www.iaginteractive.com/emfa - - - - -

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