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[html-techs-tf] Minutes from TPAC meeting 1st Nov 2012

From: Joshue O Connor <joshue.oconnor@cfit.ie>
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2012 17:50:21 +0100
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Hi y'all,

Here are the minutes from our very productive meeting today at TPAC. 
Thanks to Jason Kiss for scribing. [1]



[1] http://www.w3.org/2012/11/01-html-techs-tf-minutes.html

HTML and ARIA Techniques TF FtF 

01 Nov 2012


See also: IRC log


David_MacDonald, Jonas_Jacek, Leonie_Watson, Jason_Kiss, Joshue_O_Connor
Jason Kiss

Techniques Gap Analysis
Summary of Action Items
<Joshue108> [NOTE]; We have temporarily adjourned to the HTML5 meeting 
(Rhone floor) - to highlight our work and generate interest. We have 
also added WCAG HTML5 techniques to the HTML5 agenda.
<Joshue108> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/Techniques/ARIA
<Joshue108> Scribenick: Jason Kiss

<jkiss> Joshue: we'll look at how to write techniques

<jkiss> Joshue: mandate to do html5 and aria techniques
<jkiss> …almost a year working on it
<jkiss> …html5 in flux early on so focus more on aria
<Joshue108> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/Techniques/HTML5
<Joshue108> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/Techniques/ARIA
<jkiss> Joshue: focus still on aria today, but html5 getting much steadier
<jkiss> Michael: html5 getting close to CR, and spec could lose 
unimplemented features, and incorporate implemented extension specs
<jkiss> …aria features are stable unless we abandon CR and return to WD, 
so is pretty stable
<jkiss> …propose that html5 be urgent focus for this task force
<jkiss> …want to document html5 a11y
<jkiss> …provide techniques around use cases in html5
<jkiss> Joshue: standard format for individual techniques
<jkiss> …initial technique can be relatively loose and get tidied up 
when go to wider WG
<jkiss> …techniques in list that are not linked have not been completed
<jkiss> …some techniques have names beside them, but not too prevent 
others from working on them
<jkiss> …26 to 27 aria techniques finished or in progress
<jkiss> Joshue: if one not as familiar with aria, can work on html5 
<jkiss> …very few html5 techniques completed or being worked on
<jkiss> …8 html5 techniques pretty much completed
<jkiss> Leonie: have added two new aria techniques to work on - using 
aria-label and aria-labelled for SC 1.1.1
<jkiss> …I can also do third one in that set, using @title
<jkiss> Joshue: there are other tricky ones we should get to as well, 
avail. for someone who wants a challenge
<jkiss> David: I don't see that many aria techniques that aren't done
<jkiss> …only about six
<jkiss> Joshue: we should do gap analysis and determine what's left
Techniques Gap Analysis

<jkiss> Joshue: what are really complicated ones, and what low-hanging 
<jkiss> …David, what techniques do think should be addressed first?
<jkiss> David: I just see that we are close to finished
<jkiss> …All WCAG SC are listed, but not every one has associated 
techniques identified, and techniques that are listed are mostly done
<jkiss> Joshue: There are probably more techniques for SC that we need 
to add
<jkiss> Leonie: Isn't technique for using @title for SC 1.1.1 an HTML 
technique, and not aria
<jkiss> Joshue: good point. Suggest ping James Nurthen to find out why 
it was listed there
<jkiss> David: we just listed all SC, and then proposed techniques where 
we saw them, and these are mostly done
<jkiss> …right now Canada and Australia require that techniques be used 
for establishing a11y, and if no techniques, can't claim conformance, so 
we need to get these techniques out asap
<jkiss> Joshue: we can start releasing a few at a time as soon as we can 
and push them out as we finish them
<jkiss> Michael: Agree-lots of value to doing three to five a week to 
not overwhelm WG
<jkiss> …would be better for the public. Should expect some bounce backs 
first few submitted techniques, but eventually have them go through more 
<jkiss> Michael: need to agree which ones we are going to push out first
<jkiss> Joshue: I defer to Michael on process and how to move
<jkiss> …We need to produce, regardless of any pushback, to show that we 
are working and producing
<jkiss> Michael: three options. One, flag techniques that are ready to 
go and set ready for review status in wiki.
<jkiss> …Two, create action items for clean up by those people assigned, 
and monitor activity and follow up
<jkiss> …Three, create a separate todo list of techniques to work on
<jkiss> Joshue: propose we annotate current list of techniques with status
<jkiss> Michael: When techniques are surveyed in WBS, include link to 
survey in status of that technique
<jkiss> Joshue: let's use F2F to assess and annotate the techniques
<jkiss> …Leonie's first three techniques for 1.1.1 need more info
<jkiss> Leonie: do we need more consistent UA preferences identified?
<jkiss> Michael: trying to work out appropriate flags
<jkiss> Joshue: there's "needs info", "complete", what else?
<jkiss> Michael: "ready for review [complete]"
<jkiss> …that's the one WCAG chair will search on
<jkiss> …then there's "techniques accepted" -- would be set by WG, then 
we could remove from our list
<jkiss> …"techniques in development" should always be used until ready 
for review
<jkiss> David: Leonie, are you rewriting these techniques?
<jkiss> Leonie: No, they weren't done.
<jkiss> Michael: "migrated" means been moved after approved
<MichaelC> Technique status categories
<jkiss> Michael: might need one more status flag not listed, "Techniques 
Needs Edits"
<jkiss> …now added
<jkiss> Joshue: for Leonie's SC 1.1.1 techniques, set flag "in development"
<jkiss> Jason: need to correct spelling on aria-labeledby -> aria-labelledby
<jkiss> Michael: at top of each technique, add Category tags
<jkiss> …can have multiple Category tags
<jkiss> …under "Status" add human-readable account of flags and any work 
<jkiss> …if "Techniques Needs Edits", after edits are made, remove that 
tag but leave the "in development" tag
<jkiss> David: Can we add "ready for review" at top of those are ready?
<jkiss> Michael: let's work through them as a group, one by one
<jkiss> …need someone to maintain index page while I edit flags on 
<jkiss> David: I'll do it
<jkiss> Joshue: trying to find survey for any given technique and feedback
<Joshue108> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35422/closed
<jkiss> Leonie: are we putting a link to the survey at the top of each 
<jkiss> Joshue: Yes
<jkiss> Jonas: where do you get the survey feedback from
<jkiss> Michael: it goes out to WCAG WG who provides comments and 
discusses at WG meetings and return comments
<jkiss> Jonas: no automated way to link technique with its feedback/survey?
<jkiss> Michael: No
<jkiss> Joshue: That's what we'll do now.
<jkiss> …Based on who's here, let's decide on what techniques to look at
<Joshue108> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/Using_aria-describedby
<jkiss> …David's aria-describedby technique
<jkiss> …is pretty much good to go. Let's change the status of all of 
David's techniques to ready for review and fix them as feedback from WG 
comes in
<jkiss> Michael: so we are changing status from "techniques in 
development" to "techniques ready for review"
<jkiss> Joshue: Aria landmarks techniques ready to go
<jkiss> …"Headings using role=heading" given to Léonie
<jkiss> …Jon Gunderson's techniques about ready to go
<jkiss> Joshue: Shadi's just joined us. Welcome Shadi.
<jkiss> Michael: just adding common tags to all techniques. Almost done, 
then can add "ready to review" flag to those that need it.
<jkiss> Joshue: Shadi, we've made progress on aria techniques, about 28, 
and just now identifying those that are ready for review
<jkiss> Shadi: how do you determine accessibility support for each technique
<jkiss> Joshue: based on AT and UAs available to the author
<jkiss> Shadi: Michael, have you introduced a11y supported database?
<jkiss> …WAI putting together database of a11y support for WCAG techniques
<jkiss> …is funded by European Commission
<jkiss> …would that be useful to work of this TF?
<jkiss> Joshue: Yes.
<jkiss> Working session rest of meeting: tagging and establishing status 
of individual techniques
<jkiss> Correction: techniques surveys went out to the techniques TF, 
not the WCAG WG. Next step is to send completed techniques to WG for 
review and feedback.
<MichaelC> Nobody answered this survey: 
<MichaelC> Techniques Instructions
<MichaelC> Technique Template
<jkiss> http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/html-api-map/raw-file/tip/Overview.html
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