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RE: Review notes for Silverlight techniques

From: Wolf Schmidt <wolfs@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 01:28:47 +0000
To: David MacDonald <david100@sympatico.ca>, 'Loretta Guarino Reid' <lorettaguarino@google.com>, 'List WAI GL' <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
Message-ID: <01764980F0D2C5408672AC91E4FD3D1E37B63CA3@TK5EX14MBXW603.wingroup.windeploy.ntdev.microsoft.com>
OK, I've gone through several of the audio/video examples, which had one of the following possible issues:

*         Wasn't a realistic illustration, eg wasn't a true representation of a captioning scenario, or of full-description audio. I've replaced each of these with an example that uses the "spacetime" video.

*         Some kind of bug, like the messagebox example several of you saw.

*         Poor modal behavior, where you couldn't toggle between modes or exit modes.

The techniques affected are as follows: SL1, SL3, SL12, SL16, SL17, SL24.

Also, SL15's working example had a production issue, combined with an unexpected hotkey-hijack by some browsers like FireFox 4, so I needed to rebuild it. The source will have to be republished to w3c server this time including the "source" directory from the ZIP.

Following is a more complete listing of what I did to working examples that affects the silverlight-tech-src.xml file, the various working-example sources, or both. This detailed listing is probably of concern mainly to Michael.


SL1 - Addressing comments re: realism of the working example. Adapted the sample to include a modal button, and reference the "spacetime" video along with a blended default+interstitial full-description track.
updated Example code directly in xml
MUST UPDATE working-examples/SL1/AlternativeAudioChannel.xap ; it is TOO LARGE to upload to WIKI, will attach in mail

SL3 -  fixed MessageBox, made the controls modal
updated Example code directly in xml
MUST UPDATE working-examples/SL3/MediaElementControls.xap, using new XAP from http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Image:MediaElementControls.zip

SL12 - made the controls modal
updated Example code directly in xml
This also points to working-examples/SL3/MediaElementControls.xap

SL15 -changed example to  use different hotkey combo, and use mouse buttons rather than mouse movement
updated Example code directly in xml
MUST GET new copy of http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/images/7/73/Popup_keys..png and possibly update height/width
MUST UPDATE all working-example files from http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Image:ApplicationLevelKeyHandling.zip
IMPORTANT: make sure to include the /Sources subfolder on the HTML server (it contains resources that are needed for the example to visualize)

SL16 - Addressing David MacDonald's comment that the original example was not a good captioning example, so I changed the media source
updated Example code directly in xml
MUST UPDATE mediatimelinemarkers.xap file ; it is TOO LARGE to upload to WIKI, will send to Michael only in mail

SL17 - Again addressing comment by David MacDonald that the non-realism of the example makes it hard to tell what is really being illustrated. Edited example to have real audio and real transcript, plus modal controls.
updated Example code directly in xml, and also edited the text intro to Example 1
deleted previous Example 2 entirely
MUST UPDATE replaceaudiowiuthtranscript.xap file, using new ZIP from http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Image:ReplaceAudioWithTranscriptText.zip

SL24 - created a new sample, had previously tried to repurpose a working example that wasn't appropriate
updated Example code directly in xml, and changed reference of "working example" <loc> to point to a differently named TestPage.html
MUST UPLOAD NEW working-examples/SL24/MedialElementControlsAutoPlay.xap and working-examples/SL24/MedialElementControlsAutoPlayTestPage.html from http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Image:MediaElementControlsAutoPlay.zip

From: David MacDonald [mailto:david100@sympatico.ca]
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 11:50 AM
To: Wolf Schmidt; 'Loretta Guarino Reid'; 'List WAI GL'
Subject: RE: Review notes for Silverlight techniques

I'm doing SL#17

The working example doesn't seem to behave as expected. Maybe I'm missing something, but as soon as the "Display Transcript button" is activated, the controls disappear and text across the top says "The following text..." but there does not appear to be any text transcript... and the only way to bring back the controls is to reload the page.


Maybe someone else wants to look at it...

David MacDonald

PS that's the end of my 3 but I think I will go through and check some more test files. That seems to be the tough part...
I'm all for "downloadable code samples" for any working model examples.

From: w3c-wai-gl-request@w3.org [mailto:w3c-wai-gl-request@w3.org] On Behalf Of Wolf Schmidt
Sent: March-22-11 11:44 PM
To: David MacDonald; 'Loretta Guarino Reid'; 'List WAI GL'
Subject: RE: Review notes for Silverlight techniques

The working example for that technique is actually missing some files (images), so I am surprised you are seeing anything? I already reported that issue to Michael.

You know, what might be happening is that my choice of the Ctrl+ (plus) key is actually intersecting a browser-reserved key combo that I hadn't seen on IE 8, that makes the whole browser zoom as a non Silverlight behavior. I will test this tomorrow with the browsers you mention.

(I hadn't been testing with IE9 because the prerelease versions broke my Windows-Eyes install.)

From: w3c-wai-gl-request@w3.org [w3c-wai-gl-request@w3.org] on behalf of David MacDonald [david100@sympatico.ca]
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 7:35 PM
To: 'Loretta Guarino Reid'; 'List WAI GL'
Subject: RE: Review notes for Silverlight techniques
I just did a review of SL15.

  *   SL15: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Providing_Keyboard_Shortcuts_that_Work_Across_the_Entire_Silverlight_Application
The text seems fine, given that the target audience are SilverLight programmers... no typos etc... I cannot evaluate SilverLight code.

However, I downloaded the test that was on the Wiki, and although the application did zoom in and out as described, it did this on hover, as well as on mouse click and keyboard CTL+ and CTL-.  And this behaviour was unexpected.

Same results in both IE 9 and Firefox 3.6,..

I checked it on our draft for porting and the application only seems to display the instructions at the top of the page.
The test is here:

David MacDonald

From: w3c-wai-gl-request@w3.org [mailto:w3c-wai-gl-request@w3.org] On Behalf Of Loretta Guarino Reid
Sent: March-10-11 5:24 PM
To: List WAI GL
Subject: Re: Review notes for Silverlight techniques

Thank you, Michael. This is an enormous editing task.

I'd like WG members to sign up to review different techniques, so we get complete coverage. We should review all the Silverlight technique in the next 2 weeks, so we'll be ready for more reviews when the PDF techniques are ported.

Please pick 3 techniques to review. I have set up a sign-up page at http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/Reviews; please put your name on the items you are reviewing, so we don't duplicate effort. If you will not be able to review techniques in the next few weeks, please let me know.

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 1:55 PM, Michael Cooper <cooper@w3.org<mailto:cooper@w3.org>> wrote:

All the Silverlight techniques that I know of ready for porting have been moved to the Editors' Draft of WCAG 2 Techniques, http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/WCAG20-TECHS/. I anticipate various issues with them due to errors on my part, and minor differences between the structure in the wiki and the structure we've been using for the other technologies. I enhanced our structure a bit to meet what I saw in the wiki but could have introduced various subtle errors, even into techniques we haven't touched.

Here are some questions it would be helpful for you to think of as you review these. I expect different people will look at different levels of detail, but I'm hoping we can get review of all these issues from at least somebody. For reference, the set of techniques by number and the wiki page I ported them from is included at the bottom of this message.

  *   Are there typographical or formatting errors?
  *   Is there missing content?
  *   Are heading levels correct, in the single-page, by-technology, and complete views?
  *   Are the references to success criteria correct?
  *   Are references to related techniques correct?
  *   Are there broken links?
  *   Are there broken images?
  *   Is the alt text of images appropriate?
  *   Do any images require extended descriptions? If so, what should the description be?
  *   Most of the techniques in the wiki had test files / sample files at the bottom. In our other technologies, we've been putting links to such files at the bottom of an example, not at the bottom of the technique as a whole. Is the location of the references to such files appropriate for each technique?
  *   References to test / example files are usually in the form of "...working example of XYZ". Is the verbiage I pulled out of the air for "XYZ" in these links ok? Note it needs to be fairly distinct, not something like "this example", because of the need to have unambiguous link text in views that have all the techniques together.
  *   Do all the test / example files work? I modified some of them slightly to fit into a standard approach.
  *   Is there / should there be downloadable source code for the test / example files? This is what we did for Flash.
  *   Are code samples appropriately formatted? I took them unchanged from the wiki and didn't run any "pretty print" process on them. What would be most useful here is a complete reformatted version, rather than instructions on what needs doing, which is VERY painstaking to implement.
  *   Are test procedures self-consistent and correct? I tweaked them a bit for consistency with our other techniques.
  *   Some techniques (SL5, SL13, SL18, SL30, SL33) have more than one test procedure. Does the implementation of this work?

There are a few things I haven't yet done, in case you notice going through:

  *   Techniques have pointers to the success criteria / Understanding document, but I haven't added pointers in the Understanding to the new techniques yet. This will need separate review when it's done.
  *   There is diff markup that hasn't been cleared out yet, because I'm a bit nervous of the tool that does this... This won't be seen in the Silverlight techniques, though, because they're all new.
  *   Language-specific terms just have generic emphasis, rather than more appropriate markup / formatting.
  *   Advisory techniques are indicated as such in the XML but this doesn't yet show up in the HTML.

List of techniques to wiki pages:

  *   SL1: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Accessing_Alternate_Audio_Tracks_in_Silverlight_Media
  *   SL2: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Changing_The_Visual_Focus_Indicator_in_Silverlight
  *   SL3: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Controlling_Silverlight_MediaElement_Audio_Volume
  *   SL4: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Declaring_Discrete_Silverlight_Objects_to_Specify_Language_Parts_in_the_HTML_DOM
  *   SL5: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Defining_a_Focusable_Image_Class_for_Silverlight
  *   SL6: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Defining_a_UI_Automation_Peer_for_a_Custom_Silverlight_Control
  *   SL7: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Designing_a_Focused_Visual_State_for_Custom_Silverlight_Controls
  *   SL8: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Displaying_HelpText_in_Silverlight_User_Interfaces
  *   SL9: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Handling_Key_Events_to_Enable_Keyboard_Functionality_in_Silverlight
  *   SL10: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Implementing_a_Submit-Form_Pattern_in_Silverlight
  *   SL11: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Pausing_or_Stopping_A_Decorative_Silverlight_Animation
  *   SL12: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Pausing,_Stopping,_or_Playing_Media_in_Silverlight_MediaElements
  *   SL13: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Providing_A_Style_Switcher_To_Switch_To_High_Contrast
  *   SL14: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Providing_Custom_Control_Key_Handling_for_Keyboard_Functionality_in_Silverlight
  *   SL15: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Providing_Keyboard_Shortcuts_that_Work_Across_the_Entire_Silverlight_Application
  *   SL16: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Providing_Script-Embedded_Text_Captions_for_MediaElement_Content
  *   SL17: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Providing_Static_Alternative_Content_for_Silverlight_Media_Playing_in_a_MediaElement#User_Agent_and_Assistive_Technology_Support_Notes
  *   SL18: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Providing_Text_Equivalent_for_Nontext_Silverlight_Controls_With_AutomationProperties.Name
  *   SL19: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Providing_User_Instructions_With_AutomationProperties.HelpText_in_Silverlight
  *   SL20: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Relying_on_Silverlight_AutomationPeer_Behavior_to_Set_AutomationProperties.Name
  *   SL21: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Replacing_A_Silverlight_Timed_Animation_With_a_Nonanimated_Element
  *   SL22: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Silverlight_and_Browser_Zoom
  *   SL23: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_A_Style_Switcher_to_Increase_Font_Size_of_Silverlight_Text_Elements
  *   SL24: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_AutoPlay_to_Keep_Silverlight_Media_from_Playing_Automatically
  *   SL25: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_Controls_and_Programmatic_Focus_to_Bypass_Blocks_of_Content_in_Silverlight
  *   SL26: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_LabeledBy_to_Associate_Labels_and_Targets_in_Silverlight
  *   SL27: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_Language/Culture_Properties_as_Exposed_by_Silverlight_Applications_and_Assistive_Technologies
  *   SL28: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_Separate_Text-Format_Text_Captions_for_MediaElement_Content
  *   SL29: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_Silverlight_%22List%22_Controls_to_Define_Blocks_that_can_be_Bypassed
  *   SL30: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_Silverlight_Control_Compositing_and_AutomationProperties.Name
  *   SL31: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_Silverlight_Font_Properties_to_Control_Text_Presentation
  *   SL32: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_Silverlight_Text_Elements_for_Appropriate_Accessibility_Role
  *   SL33: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_Well-Formed_XAML_to_Define_a_Silverlight_User_Interface
  *   SL34: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_the_Silverlight_Default_Tab_Sequence_and_Altering_Tab_Sequences_With_Properties
  *   SL35: http://trace.wisc.edu/wcag_wiki/index.php?title=Using_the_Validation_and_ValidationSummary_APIs_to_Implement_Client_Side_Forms_Validation_in_Silverlight


Michael Cooper
Web Accessibility Specialist
World Wide Web Consortium, Web Accessibility Initiative
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