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Re: Flash 8 and text resizing

From: Roberto Ellero <rellero@webaccessibile.org>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 10:33:18 +0100
Message-ID: <34f6c97b0701110133r415ef631pc25913b062973d24@mail.gmail.com>
To: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org, "Slatin, John M" <john_slatin@austin.utexas.edu>
Cc: "Alessio Cartocci" <alessio@terrafertile.com>

I take the opportunity of this post about Flash and text resizing to
point out a technique used in my new Website about Multimedia
accessibility, video content quality and social networking:

This technique is useful to make Flash content resize when text is
resized: it works with CSS (not with Javascript),
and the Flash player is useful to synchronize captioning with an
external SAMI file.
So the movie is completely accessible, and using standard technologies
(in addition there are obviously transcript and audiodescription).

These two very interesting and innovative aspects, resizing of the
video region and the Flash captioning, was developed by Alessio
Cartocci (www.casoart.com), email in cc, a friend and author of the
www.webmultimediale.org community.

A short description by Alessio Cartocci:
"It is possible to resize Flash object applying em unit to a div
container. Css also will set object width and height to 100% of
container, in order to scale it correctly as text (and div) is resized.

This player streams audio/video content (flv) from a Red5 server using
rmtp protocol and gets captions from a SAMI file loaded as xml.
To avoid known compatibility problems with Red5, the player doesn't use
Flash components like MediaPlayback or FLVPlayback - and so their
cuepointing techniques - to synchronize captions with the movie. In
play/pause mode an actionscript function is running in background to
compare constantly movie timecode with related attributes on SAMI sync node.
Closed captions are placed in their text area, dinamically loaded by player.
This is a beta version: future improvements will look at errors
handling, controls optimization and SAMI css/html tags support."

A pair of movies using the techniques:

Hamlet's Monologue:

Jonathan Livingston

If you see the code, in this pages the flv streaming is fully working
without Embed tag.

There will be, in a short while, a complete tutorial on
www.webmultimediale.org, with English translation.

Best regards,
Roberto Ellero

2007/1/6, Slatin, John M <john_slatin@austin.utexas.edu>:
> Hello, all.
> On the Thursday call there was some discussion about whether resizing fonts
> would affect Flash content. The link below has some interesting information
> about techniques to make Flash content resize when text is resized. It also
> talks about the Accessibility Panel in Flash 8.
> http://www.wait-till-i.com/index.php?p=374#ct
> Hope this helps.
> John
> "Good design is accessible design."
> Dr. John M. Slatin, Director
> Accessibility Institute
> University of Texas at Austin
> FAC 248C
> 1 University Station G9600
> Austin, TX 78712
> ph 512-495-4288, fax 512-495-4524
> email jslatin@mail.utexas.edu
> Web http://www.utexas.edu/research/accessibility
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