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proposal to change Delivery Unit to Web Page or other primary resource

From: Gregg Vanderheiden <gv@trace.wisc.edu>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 17:36:41 -0600
To: <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
Message-ID: <007601c63cbf$d51e2320$ee8cfea9@NC6000BAK>
This proposal involves changing   Delivery Unit to    Web Page or other
Primary Resource   except one place where we change delivery unit to
'authored unit"  


The definition is


Web page or other primary resource 
collection of information, consisting of one or more resources, intended to
be rendered together, and identified by a single Uniform Resource Identifier
(URLs etc.) 

Note: This definition based on the definition of Web page in Web
Characterization <http://www.w3.org/1999/05/WCA-terms/>  Terminology &
Definitions Sheet. The concept of simultaneity was removed to allow the term
to cover interactive and scripted content.

Example: A Web page including all embedded images and media.

Example: An interactive movie-like shopping environment where the user
navigates about and activates products to have them demonstrated, and moves
them to cart to buy them.



This would change the following success criteria.   


2.2.2 Content does not blink
>  for more than 3 seconds, or a method is available to stop any blinking
content in the Web page or other primary resource. [How
tml#time-limits-blink>  to meet 2.2.2]

2.4.3 More than one way is available to locate content within a set of Web
pages or other primary resources where content is not the result of, or a
step in, a process or task. [How
tml#navigation-mechanisms-mult-loc>  to meet 2.4.3]

2.4.4 Web pages or other primary resources have titles. [How
tml#navigation-mechanisms-title>  to meet 2.4.4]

2.4.5 Each programmatic
tic-referencedef>  reference to another Web page or other primary resource
or to another location in the same Web page or other primary resource, is
associated with text describing the destination. [How
tml#navigation-mechanisms-refs>  to meet 2.4.5]

2.4.7 When a Web page or other primary resource is navigated sequentially,
elements receive focus in an order that follows relationships and sequences
in the content. [How
tml#navigation-mechanisms-focus>  to meet 2.4.7]

2.4.8 Information about the user's location within a set of Web page or
other primary resource is available. [How
tml#navigation-mechanisms-location>  to meet 2.4.8]

3.1.1 The primary natural
angdef>  language or languages of the Web page or other primary resource can
be programmatically
ticallydetermineddef>  determined. [How
tml#meaning-doc-lang-id>  to meet 3.1.1]

3.2.3 Navigational mechanisms that are repeated on multiple Web pages or
other primary resources within a set of Web pages or other primary resources
occur in the same
derdef>  relative order each time they are repeated unless a change is
initiated by the user. [How
tml#consistent-behavior-consistent-locations>  to meet 3.2.3]

3.2.4 Components that have the same
ionalitydef>  functionality within a set of Web pages or other primary
resources are identified consistently. [How
tml#consistent-behavior-consistent-functionality>  to meet 3.2.4]

4.1.1 Web pages or other primary resources can be parsed
ambigdef>  unambiguously and the relationships in the resulting data
structure are also unambiguous. [How
tml#ensure-compat-parses>  to meet 4.1.1]

Note: for 3.2.2, replace "delivery unit" with "authored unit"

3.2.2 Changing the setting of any form control or field does not
automatically cause a change
hangedef>  of context (beyond moving to the next field in tab order) unless
the authored unit contains instructions before the control that describe the
behavior. [How
tml#consistent-behavior-unpredictable-change>  to meet 3.2.2]







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University of Wisconsin-Madison 
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