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From: David MacDonald <befree@magma.ca>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 15:46:11 -0500
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I took an action item at the face to face to produce Success Criteria for GL
2.5 that would "help users avoid mistakes." I agree that it is a challenge
to find a testable statement. I will not have anything for this draft.
However there is a technique that I do not want to see abandoned. It is to
help keyboard users and screen reader users operate drop down menus. I would
like to propose that we put it under Guideline 1.1.1. The text would be as


***Do not use the same words or letter combinations to begin each item of
the list***



This technique applies to interactive environments where the user is asked
to select information from a list of possibilities.



Avoiding the repetition of first words or phrases at the beginning of list


Testable Statement

When this task is completed users will be able to immediately distinguish
one list item from another.



Do not use the same letter combinations or words to begin list items. Many
people with disabilities navigate through lists by selecting the first
letter of the item they want. If every item on the list contains the same
combination of first letters, navigation through the list will be
considerably harder. If the company must be identified in the list, consider
placing the company name after the product name.  


Example 1: Poor example of ACME company list of products 

In a drop down list, the list is as follows: 


ACME Widget A 

ACME Fidget B 

ACME Digit C 


Example 2: Good example of ACME company list of products:

A drop down list, has a title identifying the company name followed by the
drop down list of products.


Choose an ACME product. 


Widget A 

Fidget B 

Digit C 

Example 3: Good example of list of products from different companies

A drop down list list of products with the company name following each item
in the list


Widget A - ACME Co. 

Higet B - ACME Co. 

Fidget B - Fantasy Co. 

Geeky F - Fantasy Co. 

Digit C - Good Co. 

Decimal G - Good Co.

.Access empowers people
            .barriers disable them.


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