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Fwd: building accessible math websites -- need comments

From: Tim Boland <frederick.boland@nist.gov>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 12:27:05 -0400
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>Subject: building accessible math websites -- need comments
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>From: Alexey Beshenov <beshenov@bk.ru>
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>Subject: building accessible math websites -- need comments
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>I  am  working  under  the  speech  for local technical university on
>building accessible math websites. Paper is written in Russian, but I
>can  sum  the  main  ideas  in English. Can anyone value the heads of
>The MathML side of work is explained below.
>MathML  is  the  XML-based  markup language, so, generally processing
>MathML   connected   to  XML-parsing.  Internal  processing  requires
>parsing,  using  plugins  not.  For gecko's we need to send documents
>with  Content-type  "application/xml", "application/xhtml+xml" or the
>same  (RFC2376  XML  Media  Types).  But  not every brouser have good
>XML-parser.  After  the  some tests, we found that there are too many
>bugs  in  MSIE  parser  to use it for rendering XML (it can't process
>xhtml-math11-f.dtd,   for  example).  That's  why  we  need  to  send
>"text/html".  In  this  case,  IE  plugin  is  only  Active-X object,
>connected via "object" XHTML element.
>The  main  IE  plugins  are  MathPlayer  and  techexplorer Hypermedia
>Browser. And we need to use special optimisation for each program.
>The  better  solution  is  storing  simple  MathML  on the server and
>converting  it  to "MML for techexplorer" or "MML for MathPlayer" via
>content managing system.
>* Testing gecko's
>After the testing geckos, we found some special items.
>+   Gecko   requires  special  fonts.  We  compiled  special  package
>containing  free  TrueType's  FreeSerif,  FreeSans,  CMEX10,  CMMI10,
>CMR10,  CMSY10,  Math1,  Math2,  Math4,  Math5. It is all fonts users
>+  Gecko  can  wordwrap  math,  if math is inline. So, we can specify
>"white-space:   nowrap"   in   the   style-sheet,  because  classical
>math-notation  using  wordwrap on operators (after the "+", "-", "=",
>for example). So, we don't need simple text wordwrap.
>+  Netscape  7.0  can't  process  math  correctly,  if  we  are using
>"content"  property  in  CSS. In this case, N7 returns marks "invalid
>markup"  instead  of  valid  formulas.  If  it is possible, we should
>remove all "content"'s from CSS, if "User-agent: Netscape 7.0".
>+ The "text-indent" property for paragraph applies to mtd's in inline
>math's. If we don't need it, we can use "math { text-indent: 0 }".
>* Using MathPlayer and techexplorer
>To optimize pages for MP, we should use code like this:
><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
>pref:renderer="mathplayer" xml:lang="ru"> [...] <?import namespace="m" 
>implementation="#MathPlayer"?> [...]
>For   techexplorer   we  should  use  'pref:renderer="techexplorer"',
>'<object                                              id="mmlFactory"
>title="mmlFactory">'    and    'implementation="#mmlFactory"'.   Some
>versions  of TE can result non-stable brouser working, if we use "m:"
>namespace.  We  don't  know,  why  it  is so, but after some tests we
>changed "m:" to "mml:" and everything is OK.
>* Content managing system
>CMS working on the server side and analyzing incoming HTTP User-agent
>headers. We found that MSIE with MP have special mark 'mathplayer' in
>the   User-agent  string.  And  TE  does  not  signalize  about  it's
>installation  in  "User-agent". So, the solution is to optimize pages
>for  MP  if  User-agent  contains 'mathplayer' and optimize for TE if
>For  MSIE we should send everything as "text/plain". For others -- as
>"application/xml" (xhtml+xml).
>* Options
>CMS  contains  special  feautures  to set user preferences. Users can
>change  the  default plugin optimization (1), content-type (2). Also,
>we  found  that  many  UA's  (old  geckos, for example) can't process
>invisible  symbols  like a &#x02061; or &#x02062;. So, options allows
>users  to  switch off sending documents with invisible symbols. Then,
>CMS  removing  symols  and  elements  containing  symbols  before the
>sending  math article. Invisible symbols are necessary, but users who
>reading  MathML  as text without aural-brousers can freely read texts
>without invisible symbols.
>All user-preferences are storing in cookies.
>Contact me via e-mail beshenov@bk.ru.
>With Best Regards,
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