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RE: issue about the WCAG and XSLT

From: Michael Cooper <michaelc@watchfire.com>
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 15:41:15 -0500
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I'll take a stab at answering your questions. I think the question of whether client-side XSLT causes issues with WCAG requirements depends on how we resolve what is now known as "the baseline question". But in principle, if we can count on proper client support for the XSLT, and the output of the XSLT meets WCAG requirements, then this should be WCAG conformant. But this is my opinion and reflects my own take on the baseline discussion. I do believe the evaluation is in context of the transformed document, not the original, because evaluation is in context of what the user actually experiences; how you get to that experience is not relevant. Michael

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> Subject: issue about the WCAG and XSLT
> A general question about the WCAG:
> If in a page we use XSLT at client side, this one compromise the
> accessibility of the page?
> And, in this document, the accessibility evaluation is about 
> the original
> document or about the (virtual) transformed document?
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