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RE: [techs] Fasttrack Tests

From: Jim Thatcher <jim@jimthatcher.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 15:48:47 -0600
To: "'WAI WCAG List'" <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
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Hi Chris,

Often input controls do not have available text so that the label element
can be used. Position (including table structure) often provides
visual/spatial evidence of the purpose of the control. But when a screen
reader lands on the object all you here is "edit" lacking that special
information. The table case illustrates a situation where text is available
but the LABEL element cannot work because one piece of text will contribute
to more than one form control. 

The solution is elegant and in wide use and works with AT (for the last
several versions): Use the title attribute on the form controls (INPUT, type
text, password, checkbox, file, radio, SELECT, TEXTAREA) in the case when
the label element is inadequate. 

Please don't force the use of an invisible gif, with alt="search for"
enclosed in a label - which is what is done on http://IBM.com. It is done in
that hacking way just because some tools do not recognize the title
attribute as a valid "explicit label." But it is a valid explicit label! 

Accessibility Consulting: http://jimthatcher.com/

-----Original Message-----
I am concerned that all the following tests need to allow for the title
attribute instead of the label element.
57 - INPUT, type of "text", has an explicit label

118 - INPUT, type of "password", has an explicit label

119 - INPUT, type of "checkbox", has an explicit label

120 - INPUT, type of "file", has an explicit label

121 - INPUT, type of "radio", has an explicit label
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