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re: reminder of goals/vision for site redesign project

From: Karen McCall <martha@iprimus.ca>
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 11:58:29 -0400
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>Section "Overview of design principles"
>    Principle 4 - "Content must be robust enough to work with current and
>    future technologies." Working with future technologies is an impossible
>    bar to meet.
* I agree, it is a hard bar; however, I do think we need "placeholder" text 
that discourages the limitation of developing content to "what is now" so 
that any retro or redesign needed to support evolving technology isn't 
financially inaccessible.

SC Level 1, a and b.  For an image button containing text, the alt text
    should match the text in the image. SC 1a says that for graphical
    buttons, the text alternative should describe the purpose or function of
    the button. Does alt text that matches the text in the image button meet
    this success criteria?
>* my apologies, I've just joined this list. Are "text links" defined? I 
>know in the past, the "d" link has been promoted, but when you have 
>several images on a page, each with a "d" link, it is difficult for people 
>to figure out what d relates to what image if they have no monitor; and if 
>they have motor issues, it is difficult to target the small "d." I agree 
>that if an image is a link, it is more important to know where the link is 
>taking you rather than what the image is.

Cheers, Karen

Karen McCall, M.Ed., ATAC
Karlen Communications
Adaptive Technology Consulting and Training Practice

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