End to End (E2E) -- How To

This documents provides information on how to complete an End to End analysis.

Table of contents

The Five Phases

There are five phases to this exercise. After completing the five phases we will have all of the necessary information to verify conformance with the Guideline.

  1. Mapping: The guideline will be mapped to the existing techniques documents.  These documents are Gateway, HTML and CSS.
  2. Examples: Each Guideline has examples and should be able to be mapped to a technique.
  3. Technology Specific Review: An optional phase. Review the applicable W3C recommendations ensure all items have been identify that have accessibility implications.
  4. Test Case and Test File Creation: We have many sources to gather test cases and test files for our purposes.
  5. Metadata Assignments: Metadata assignments will be made at the test case level, allowing full flexibility is creating all other documents.

Phase 1: Mapping

For Phase 1, start with your guideline and success criteria. Working through the Gateway, HTML, and CSS documents identify the information that supports the guideline.

Please see David's site for examples of E2Es that have been started for this phase.  As the guidelines continue to change, you may have to remap your guidelines to the techniques.

As you are mapping the information together, and have questions, please note that in your documentation. More than likely others will have those same questions too. Once you have identified all of your questions we will discuss on a Wednesday call. If you have a question and do not have a suggested solution, that is fine. You may also have questions about the terminology that is being used, please make note of those as well.


The following link provides mapping information:


The following link to David's site has many of the E2E posted:




Most of us have adopted David's table approach to organizing the information. You may state your questions, comments, concerns in the table or at the beginning of the document.

Phase 2: Examples

Phase 2 continues with a similar exercise used in Phase 1. Begin by reviewing the examples for the guideline and start mapping the techniques again. The E2E for 1.1 has been started. Questions that arose from this review were do "short equivalent" and "short label" mean the same thing? If they do, then which HTML attribute should be used?

As with Phase 1, please record any questions and concerns that you may have and we can discuss on a Wednesday call.


Phase 3: Technology Specific Review

This step is optional. The idea behind this phase is to review the W3C recommendations that are associated with the techinques and confirm that we have not overlooked an item. For example, you could review the HTML rec and verify that all elements and attributes that are associated with the guideline have been addressed.


Phase 4: Test Cases and Test Files

We have several resources for this step. With this phase we want to gather all of the possible test cases that would then result in a test suite to verify conformance for the guideline.

Chris Ridpath has the largest collection of test cases. UA also has test cases, and John Slatin's site is another good resource.

If you find others please let me know!


The following link is to Chris's site:


The following link is to the UA site:


The following link is to John's site:



Phase 5: Metadata Assignment

Publication of test material

Chris will be leading us in working with the other WAI groups to define a format that will work for all of us. At this point the best action we can take is to gather as much information as we can. As the format is designed then we will have actually data to experiment with. Below is the information that we would like to have for each test case.

The following link is to the mail with information about the test framework including the metadata:


Help, Questions, Problems...

Please feel free to contact Jenae Andershonis if you have any questions. Your help is greatly appreciated!

4 August 2004. Jenae Andershonis for the WCAG WG