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Re: [Techs] CSS and invisible labels for forms - more

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Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 20:46:03 +0100
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Of the proposed techniques, my preference is for technique 2 (hiding the label off screen). The only drawback I can think of for this technique is that the labels will be displayed on screen if CSS is switched off. The result of the labels appearing won't in any way detract from the usability of the document; more it will be clarified. As the labelled information is important, and the removal of it is mainly for presentational purposes, it makes sense to use CSS IMHO.

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  Actually, in my label examples using a single pixel image with alt text for the label, I neglected to put the image in a <label> tag.  I've updated the example and attached it below.  This changes some of the home page reader results but not the WindowEyes results.  I've updated and included the section on alt text labels below. 

  Technique Three - using a transparent, single pixel image inside of a <label> tag  associated with the control with the label text specified in the alt attribute. 
  WindowEyes  reads the alt text of the image in normal reading mode. However, if you navigate directly to the control there is no label information announced (even with the img wrapped in a label tag). If you navigate directly to the control With MSAA mode off, WindowEyes picks up the visual text before the control and reads it. This is only an issue in the image example since WindowEyes still reads the label and title information if it is available as you navigate from control to control with MSAA mode both off and on. 
  Jaws reads the alt text in normal reading mode and when navigating from control to control. 
  Home Page Reader reads the alt text in item reading mode and control reading mode when the image is wrapped in a label tag. 

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