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W3C Weekly News - 20 February 2004

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                             W3C Weekly News

                      12 February - 19 February 2004

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Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) 1.1 Working Draft Published

   The P3P Specification Working Group has released the First Public
   Working Draft of the "Platform for Privacy Preferences 1.1 (P3P
   1.1)." P3P simplifies and automates the process of reading Web site
   privacy policies, promoting trust and confidence in the Web.
   Version 1.1 has new extension and binding mechanisms based on
   suggestions from W3C workshops and the privacy community. Read
   about privacy and P3P.


Working Draft: Modularization of XHTML 1.0 - Second Edition

   The HTML Working Group has released a Working Draft of
   "Modularization of XHTML 1.0 - Second Edition," a revision of the W3C
   Recommendation "Modularization of XHTML." Published for community
   review, the document clarifies and makes corrections based on nearly
   three years of use. It includes a new implementation of the abstract
   modules using XML schemas. Visit the HTML home page.


Web Services Architecture Working Group Notes Published

   The Web Services Architecture Working Group has released Working
   Group Notes representing the culmination of their work: "Web Services
   Architecture," "Usage Scenarios," the "Glossary," and "Requirements."
   The reference architecture identifies Web services components,
   defines their relationships and establishes constraints. Visit the
   Web Services home page.


Working Group Note: Authoring Techniques for Device Independence

   The Device Independence Working Group has completed work on
   "Authoring Techniques for Device Independence." The document
   addresses the rapidly changing area of delivering content to diverse
   devices. It covers content creation, maintenance and adaptation, and
   user interaction with applications. Learn more about the W3C Device
   Independence Activity.


W3C Process Document Published

   W3C has published a new version of the "Process Document" to align
   with the "Patent Policy" which was approved in May 2003. Among the
   changes are clarifications for Technical Architecture Group (TAG) and
   Advisory Board participation, and for the definitions of "consensus"
   and "First Public Working Draft." W3C has adopted a transition
   procedure as part of implementing the patent policy.


Jigsaw 2.2.4 Released

   Jigsaw version 2.2.4 is available for download. As this version
   contains a security fix, updating to 2.2.4 is highly recommended. The
   new version also includes a revamped HTTP client stack as well as new
   SSL code from Thomas Kopp. Implemented in Java, Jigsaw is W3C's open
   source Web server platform.


The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is 367 Member organizations and 68
Team members leading the Web to its full potential. W3C is an international
industry consortium jointly run by the MIT Computer Science and Artificial
Intelligence Laboratory (MIT CSAIL) in the USA, the European Research
Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) headquartered in France,
and Keio University in Japan. The W3C Web site hosts specifications,
guidelines, software and tools. Public participation is welcome. W3C
supports universal access, the semantic Web, trust, interoperability,
evolvability, decentralization, and cooler multimedia. For information
about W3C please visit http://www.w3.org/
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