End to End analysis of Guideline 1.5

Analysis of the table below:

Gateway 1.5.2 discusses text transcripts of audio. I think this belongs in Gateway section 1.1.2 on text alternatives.   I think the purpose of the Gateway is to provide ways to fulfill the Guidelines rather than finding ways around them. Guideline 1.5 is about audio contrast and not alternatives to audio.  Gateway, section 1.1.2 is about text alternatives. I think Gateway 1.5 should be about techniques to make the foreground of an audio track accessible to people who are hard of hearing. People who are hard of hearing may want to be able to listen to an accessible audio track with the foreground distinguishable from the background rather than being handcuffed to a text transcript. So I think it would be wrong to suggest that webmasters can fulfill Guideline 1.5 with a text transcript.

  Guideline Gateway HTML Techniques CSS
Guideline 1.5 Guideline 1.5 In auditory presentations, make it easy to distinguish foreground speech and sounds from background sounds. [level 2 guideline]
Task 1.5.
Ensure that audio presentations contain sufficient contrast to be perceivable by someone with a hearing deficit.

    1.5.2 Audio Transcripts

Provide a text transcript with Audio content to allow users to follow along with audio content.

Success Criteria 1: none none N/A  
Success Criteria 2: none none N/A  
Success Criteria 3:

Level 3 Success Criteria for Guideline 1.5

  1. Audio content does not contain background sounds OR the background sounds are at least 20 decibels lower than the foreground audio content with the exception of occasional short sounds. [V]


A 20 decibel difference in sound level is roughly 4 times quieter (or louder). Background sound that meets this requirement will be approximately four times (4x) quieter than the foreground audio content.


Informative   There is a long discussion about text equivalents to Audio tracks. in Gateway 1.5.2. I think this should be moved to Gateway section 1.1.2