Piecing it together

Jenae and I mapped the Level 1 success criteria for Guidelines 1.1 and 1.3 to the Techniques Gateway and from there to HTML techniques and tests. We referred to the 11 March 2004 Working Draft of WCAG 2.0, the 06 April 2004 draft of Techniques Gateway, and the 09 December 2003 Working Draft of HTML Techniques for WCAG 2.0.

Example 1 - Guideline 1.1

Below are the pieces that fit together for Guideline 1.1. This example only includes links to HTML techniques; after the other techniques are added, this list could become rather long. We only included test information for one of the HTML Techniques sections (10.1).


Example 2 - Guideline 1.3

Another test to determine if we would have the same redundancy issues. We didn't.


Initial thoughts at a framework

Our intent was to create a proposal for a framework to link Guidelines and success criteria to the techniques gateway and then link from the gateway to the various technology-specifics. However, after experimenting with two guidelines, we have more questions than answers/proposals. In this section we created a partial list of what we we thought the components of the Gateway techniques should/could be.

12 April 2004. Wendy Chisholm, Jenae Andershonis for the WCAG WG