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[TECH]Diagram of Inter-relationships of WCAG Documents - first crack.

From: David MacDonald <befree@magma.ca>
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 18:09:22 -0400
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I had an action item to draw a diagram of the relationships between all WCAG
documents. I will call the collection of documents the WCAG "system."


Explanation of the diagram


On the W3C web site there will be links from the WCAG site map to the
Guidelines, Traffic Cop, Technology independent info, checklists etc. These
are all entry points to the WCAG "system"

The two stick figures ("Actors" in UML language) represent users accessing
the WCAG. An actor can enter the system through


1)       The Traffic Cop

2)       The WCAG Guidelines

3)       Checklists

4)       The technical documents


I've documented the first two use cases (accessing the system through the
Guidelines, and Traffic Cop) on www.eramp.com/david so I won't cover those
here. The techniques repository is also explained there.

Use Cases

(3) The User accesses the system through the checklists. 

While in the Checklist the user may link into the Guidelines or into the
techniques documents

(4) The user enters the system through the Technical documents.

While in any of those documents the user can link to the relevant
guideline(s) in the Guidelines Doc

There is still a question about what level of prominence the "Technology
Independent" Techniques. Should all traffic be forced through them, or
should they could be added as additional information for *all* queries of
the Techniques repository. Or Should they remain at the same level as other
techniques documents.





David MacDonald

www.eramp.com <http://www.eramp.com/>  







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