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Re: Suggestion for this Editorial Note

From: Doyle <doyleb@alaska.net>
Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 22:18:47 -0800
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To The Group -

We've had this discusion before and it's going to remain confusing. When I think of what page means with regard to web pages, I take it to mean the actual document (no matter how long it takes to scroll from beginning to end) and its (if any) associated forms, buttons, embedded media, etc.  I beleive a page is a single document.  

My thoughts and I believe I responded the same way some time ago.

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  Editorial Note: We are looking for a word to replace "page" that applies across technologies. For visual applications, "screen" would apply, but would not apply for speech-based technologies such as VoiceXML.

  How about 'media'

  Print media

  Paper media

  Screen media

  Voice/Speech media
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