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Re: Italian Law... today will be the day

From: Roberto Scano - IWA/HWG <rscano@iwa-italy.org>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 15:27:18 +0200
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Subject: RE: Italian Law... today will be the day

>Hi Roberto,
>I'm not sure I understand.  Does this say the Italy would use WCAG
>(international guidelines)  or just refer to them when they design
>Sounds like this might say that Italy will be designing their own -- 
but I'm
>not sure
>Can you help?

Sure :)
This was a "little war" in Italy.

The Government has decided to not refer directly in the law to W3C due
that W3C is a private consortium (btw, "Presidenza del Consiglio dei
Ministri" - aka "Government" is W3C Member...).

With external action in the web we as IWA/HWG, with the support of the
Deputy that had presented our first law proposal (that request by law
the WAI program).

In the law there is the article 12 that (with my bad english) contain
this text:

Art. 12
(International guidelines)
1. The regulations defined at the article 10 and the order in council
defined at the article 11 must be issued observing the guidelines
referred into communications, raccomandations and inside the European
Union directives, and also inside the internationally endorsed
guidelines. [...]
2. the regulations is periodically updated, with the same procedure, for
timely receipt of the implementations of the guidelines referred inside
the point 1 of this article and for the new tecnological innovation.

So Italy will (if the law don't be changed at the Senate) receipt the
guidelines and the Government must create some regulations in italian
language for apply them for the italian public web sites.

Today in the discussion at the Parlament some deputy ask this question
and the Ministry has replyed that he will follow the international
guidelines as defined by EU - aka W3C WAI.
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