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[techs] Summary of Techniques teleconference 07 October 2003

From: Michael Cooper <michaelc@watchfire.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 14:28:02 -0400
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Jenae Andershonis
Ben Caldwell
Wendy Chisholm
Michael Cooper
Tom Croucher
Sailesh Panchang
Chris Ridpath
Roberto Scano


Discussion of project plan - we reviewed a draft plan put together by Wendy
and Michael. Much of our focus was on how to get Techniques deliverables
accomplished - that is, techniques documents for a number of technologies,
within the same time frame that WCAG 2.0 is ready for implementation
testing. We identified two roles that some needs to take for each document:
a coordinator who makes sure work proceeds apace, collects submissions,
etc., and an editor who builds and maintains the actaul XML source of a
techniques document. 

Right now the need is to coordinate the collection of techniques. We decided
to implement a system by which people, internally to the WCAG WG and
externally, can submit techniques for consideration over the Web.
Submissions will initially be archived to a read-only mailing list. We need
to collect a lot of proposals in the next couple months, then begin
collating them in January.

We talked briefly about HTML techniques, but a draft was not posted before
the meeting. We will discuss the new draft at the next week an prepare it
for posting to TR as an updated working draft as soon as possible after.


* Wendy: Write up project plan with milestones (Gantt chart, calendar with
milestones, dependencies chart)
* Tom: Take on provisional editing/coordination role for Techniques Gateway
* Jenae: Work on HTML techniques
* Wendy: Investigate use of W3C questionnaire system for techniques
* Wendy: Set up mailing list to receive techniques submissions
* Wendy: Schedule discussion with Richard Ishida on DTD harmonization
* Ben: Update submission tool per earlier suggestions and today's call
* Ben: Document submission process
* Michael: Get on Oct 16 telecon agenda to introduce technique submission
* Wendy: Clean up HTML techniques a bit and send to group
* Michael: Get on Oct 30 telecon agenda to discuss posting HTML techniques
to TR
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