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Fw: Accessible Web Publishing Wizard Version 1.0

From: Roberto Scano - IWA/HWG <rscano@iwa-italy.org>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 09:12:47 +0200
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Accessible Web Publishers:

Version 1.0 has finally arrived!  With this version, we have deactivated
the timeout feature, so this version of the Wizard is free to use for as
long as you like.

It is available from our new website:


The new URL reflects our relationship with the Illinois Center on
Instructional Technology Accessibility, though we are also still
via all of our old URLs as well.

Version 1.0 features a number of bugfixes, including proper support of
dot/period "." in filenames.  Thanks to everyone who helped us identify
that bug!

The Wizard also now supports AutoShapes and Shape Groups as graphical
images, so you can label those arrows and circles, and label the groups
you build out of them.

We've also improved the formatting of our output HTML.  We now include
line breaks for better readability (sounds silly, but picking where to
linebreaks in HTML is non-trivial, especially with differently-styled
regions within a single block of non-spaced text), special characters
represented as ampersand entities, and smart quotes are changed to
quotes (for now).

We also now feature persistence for manually-entered chart data.  When
enter your chart data for a chart represented as a bitmap graphic, we
remember that data (along with your long & short descriptions, titles,
summaries, and so forth) in the "Web Alternative Text" tab of each Shape
control.  We hope that text proves to be accessible to both people and

Thanks for your continued support,

   - Jon, Dan, and Sid

Dan Linder / dlinder @ uiuc.edu
Received on Wednesday, 8 October 2003 03:12:59 UTC

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