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W3C Weekly News - 1 October 2003

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                             W3C Weekly News

                      21 September - 1 October 2003

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"QA Framework: Operational Guidelines" Is a W3C Candidate Recommendation

   W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of "QA Framework:
   Operational Guidelines" to Candidate Recommendation. Comments are
   welcome through 27 February 2004. The document is designed to help
   W3C Working Groups plan, develop, deploy and maintain conformance
   test materials. The Quality Assurance Working Group asked for comment
   by 26 September on a Working Draft of "QA Framework: Specification
   Guidelines." The QA Framework "Introduction" was published as a
   Working Group Note. Learn more about the QA Activity.


SVG Mobile Competition: Entries Due 3 November

   Design a SVG Tiny greeting card in 30k or less, and win a Nokia 3650
   tri-band GSM handset. The best entries will be featured on the W3C
   Web site, linked to their designers' Web pages, with an interview
   with the winning designer. Enter as many times as you like through
   3 November. The SVG Working Group will choose the winner who will be
   announced on 24 November. Read about Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
   Announced at SVG Open, the SVG Mobile Competition is the first in a
   series of SVG competitions.


W3C Launches HTML Patent Advisory Group

   Under W3C Current Patent Practice, a Patent Advisory Group (PAG) has
   been launched to study issues for HTML-related Working Drafts and
   Recommendations raised by the court case of Eolas v. Microsoft and US
   Patent 5,838,906. Public discussion takes place on the
   public-web-plugins@w3.org mailing list. Read the FAQ and visit the
   HTML home page and the HTML PAG public home page.


W3C Workshops Compilation

   W3C Workshops have been compiled from 1995-2003. The W3C
   Communications Team would like to thank the Working Group Chairs and
   Team members who helped build the list. From the W3C Process
   Document, workshops "convene experts and other interested parties for
   an exchange of ideas about a technology or policy," or "address the
   pressing concerns of W3C Members."


W3C Talks in October

   * Ivan Herman participates in a panel at iX 2003 on 1 October
     and presents to the IT Standards Committee on 3 October in
   * Deborah Dahl, W3C Multimodal Interaction Working Group Chair,
     and James Larson, W3C Voice Browser Working Group co-Chair,
     present at SpeechTEK 2003 in New York, NY, USA on 2 October.
   * James Hendler, co-Chair of the W3C Web Ontology Working Group,
     speaks about ontologies at the International Lisp Conference
     (ILC 2003) in New York, NY, USA on 15 October.
   * Philipp Hoschka gives a talk at Berliner XML Tage 2003 in
     Berlin, Germany on 15 October.
   * Steven Pemberton participates in a panel at the 3rd IEEE
     Conference on Standardization and Innovation in Information
     Technology at Delft University of Technology, Delft, The
     Netherlands on 22 October.
   * Ivan Herman presents at the Next Generation Internet Workshop
     at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain on 22 October.
   * James Hendler speaks at Technology Day 2003: Virtual Delivery
     presented by the Special Libraries Association Maryland
     Chapter, in Baltimore, MD, USA on 29 October.

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