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Re: Re[2]: FW: acronym in title...

From: Roozbeh Pournader <roozbeh@sharif.edu>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 21:14:07 +0330 (IRT)
To: Mark Davis <mark.davis@jtcsv.com>
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On Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Mark Davis wrote:

> I wonder how realistic these scenarios are. The principal motivation for a
> fine-grained language tagging of individual words or phrases appears to be
> for text-to-speech, primarily for the blind.

Or choosing an appropriate glyph for characters that have very different 
appearance in different languages, like the Persian 7 vs the Urdu 7, that 
share a codepoint but have different appearances.


PS: Just today, I showed a Maggie instant spaghetti pack to my mother and
brother (both have a BSc) and asked them what do they think the weight is,
by just looking at the Urdu text printed on the box and not the English.  
My brother said 40 grams and my mother couldn't comment. She said that it
may be 10 grams, but this pack is much heavier. It was 70.
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