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RE: WCAG 2.0 usage scenarios

From: Lee Roberts <leeroberts@roserockdesign.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 13:01:46 -0500
To: "Bazzmann.Com - Marco Trevisan" <info@bazzmann.com>, <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
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I'm with keeping them differences as Wendy has them.

Not all web designers are graphic designers.  Some may think or operate
differently, but in all truthfulness until companies started having graphic
designers learn HTML there was a strong destintion.  The destinction has
only been faded in the past few years, but there are still companies out
there that realize the worth of separating the different principles.

In my firm I have graphic designers, programmers, and GUI designers.  The
graphic designer does the layout, the programmers do the backend programming
(PHP, Perl, ASP, databases, and the like), and the GUI designers specialize
in either either the interface coding or usability.

Based upon my experiences Wendy's separation of the differences is vitally
important.  Eventually we will all be at the separation instead of trying to
train someone to be a specialist in more than one field.  It's like we, in
the USA, say when we see a foreign automobile specialists with a Ford in
front of the shop, "how can he be a specialist if he works on Fords too?"  A
specialists works in one area of a broad field much like the heart
specialists in the medical field.  All specialists might know something
about the way things work, but they only work on one segment and never work
on or in the others.

Lee Roberts

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Wendy A Chisholm wrote:

Hi Wendy!
It's a good stuff!

I'm a bit doubtful around the designer definition:

"Layout Designer, Stylistic Designer, Interaction Designer,
Navigation Designer"

I think Layout and Stylistic Designer are redundant because of
is the same role, a webdesigner has to know both roles basically.
It could be different the Interaction and Navigation Designer and
both from the Layout designer, but Layout and Style are the same
thing for me, in Italy we call it normally Web Designer.

So, I'm asking myself if it's a good thing to split them in
different roles or it is better to keep them one. I think that
peoples who begin to understand accessibility (specially outside
USA) could ask: "ok, there's so many roles... but, we're the
roles for webdesigner?"

Is it right to apply them? Or there are other roles for me?

Just a doubt.

 > 1. it is difficult for people new to WCAG to piece together all of the
 > pieces.  They need a roadmap. Since the resources include those written

I agree. I think beginners need a roadmap and they need a clear
reference to relationships that are linked from WCAG to others
workgroups. A lot of peoples think that Bobby validation is the
goal of WAI-AAA accessibility.

 > element to describe the document."  Some people would rather see a
 > testable statement such as, "Check that each HTML element has a TITLE
 > element."  Matt has me thinking that we might want both types of

I think that "human" statement (the second example) works better.

 > 1. Is it helpful to complete the exercise begun at [1]?

Yes. Good.

 > 2. Is it helpful to create a roadmap of how the pieces of WCAG 2.0 fit
 > together?  Will a roadmap help WCAG WG move forward on WCAG 2.0?

I think roadmap is necessary! :)

 > 3. How do people feel about two levels of detailed statements at the
 > technology-specific level?  Any reactions to [3]?

Many peoples feel the statement "Use the TITLE element to describe the
document" too difficult to understand (it is too programmer-side) and
they feel better the second statement.

They need simple words to understand.


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