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A personal presentation...

From: Bazzmann.Com - Marco Trevisan <info@bazzmann.com>
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 02:23:28 +0200
Message-ID: <3D530B80.8010308@bazzmann.com>
To: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org

Hola todos! :)

First of all, thanks to grant me in participation...

By courtesy of Wendy, I just wish to drop a line to tell you who
I am, and what I do to promote accessibility in Italy... and some
other info. ;)

Something about me...

I'm the company leader of Bazzmann Labs, an advanced service agency
dealing with accessibility, usability, w3c standards's development and
webdesign. I'm also the co-founder of http://www.webaccessibile.org and
I'm 28 years old, living near Venice.

I deeply believe in accessibility as the basic rule to work on the web,
in fact I started an italian online resource (Bazzmann.Com) two years
ago about accessibility, usability,  w3c standards' development and
webdesign. It hosts 3 mailing list: humana (accessibility and usab.),
w3c-hack (deeply learning and "hacking" W3C standard) and webdesign.

It hosts also the unofficial project of Usability.gov in italian,
at the permament address: http://www.bazzmann.com/usability_it

The last project I've produced is the interface, CSS and XHTML code of
http://www.regione.veneto.it, the first italian government web site that
reached the level AAA of WCAG 1.0 (also with Roberto Scano for the
back-office application)... yep, the design is not so beautiful...
that's the first step... :)

What wish / can do for accessibility and WCAG

I need to better understand how WCAG-WG works before, but...

I think it could be useful to bring you the italian situation about
accessibility and how italian peoples and developers are understanding
it. There is too much confusion about it yet, but large interest (they
need some W3C document more user-friendly like the great work
WCAG 2.0!).

Naturally, developers are asking me if accessibility make money or
not. :)

Since I work around code everyday, trying to create models to apply
on website projects and customer projects (I'm currently working
about 3 columns model, but without tables layout, available at
http://test.bazzmann.com/css_noposition.html ), I can contribute
to offer techniques, guidelines and valid examples, without losing good

I'll can have some difficult to be present at teleconference or other
direct meetings (italian cable and net connection are reeeeaaally bad!),
but I wish to do all my best and effort to support and produce good
things in WCAG-WG. :)

Of course, I hope to be useful for all the WG needs.

Well, this post sounds like an heavy tome, I hope you're not so
bored about it... I stop here and go to sleep (2:00am here)! :DD


Bazzmann Labs(c) - Accessibilita', usabilita', webdesign e standard W3C
http://www.bazzmann.it      | Il sito ufficiale di Bazzmann Labs.
http://www.bazzmann.com     | La risorsa per informare e aggiornare.
http://www.dev2dev.it       | Elemento D2D002
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