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W3C Weekly News - 18 March 2002

From: by way of Wendy A Chisholm <lesch@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 01:16:38 -0500
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                             W3C Weekly News

                        12 March - 18 March 2002

W3C Hosts Technical Plenary and All-Group Meeting

   15 March 2002: W3C held its second annual Technical Plenary and
   Working Group Meeting on 25 February - 1 March in Cannes Mandelieu,
   France. More than 20 W3C Working Groups and Interest Groups held
   face-to-face meetings. Mid-week, over 200 participants attended the
   all day public plenary. Minutes have been published. If your
   organization would like to join W3C, refer to the Membership page.


XML Key Management Working Drafts Published

   18 March 2002: The XML Key Management Working Group has published
   three first Working Drafts. The "XML Key Management Specification
   (XKMS 2.0)" specifies protocols for distributing and registering
   public keys for use with XML Signature and XML Encryption. "XML Key
   Management (2.0) Requirements," in Last Call through 15 April,
   specifies design principles and scope. "X-BULK" allows bulk
   registration necessary for systems such as smart card management.
   Comments are welcome. Visit the XML Key Management home page.


IsaViz - A Visual Authoring Tool for RDF Announced

   14 March 2002: W3C's Semantic Web Advanced Development initiative
   announces the release of IsaViz, a visual environment for browsing
   and authoring RDF models represented as graphs. IsaViz has a 2.5D
   user interface allowing smooth zooming and navigation. IsaViz
   supports RDF/XML and N-Triple import and export, and SVG and PNG
   export. Developed by Emmanuel Pietriga of W3C and Xerox Research
   Centre Europe, IsaViz is based on the Xerox Visual Transformation
   Machine, Hewlett-Packard's Jena, Graphviz from AT&T Research, and
   Apache's Xerces.


W3C Delivery Context Workshop Materials Published

   12 March 2002: Workshop materials are available for the W3C Workshop
   on Delivery Context held at W3C/INRIA in Sophia-Antipolis, France, on
   4-5 March. Participants exchanged ideas and developed a road map for
   the W3C Device Independence Activity work on delivery context, a term
   used to describe user preferences and the capabilities of user Web
   access mechanisms.


Upcoming W3C Team Presentations

   * 20 March: Wendy Chisholm presents "Learn To Use Tools And
     Processes To Evaluate Web Content For Accessibility" at the CSUN
     "Technology and Persons With Disabilities" conference held at
     California State University, Northridge, CA, USA.
   * 20-21 March: W3C has a booth at Documation 2002 at Paris La
     Defense, France.
   * 27 March: Vincent Hardy speaks on "SVG Graphics on the
     Java Platform" and "Scalable Vector Graphics and the Batik
     Project" at JavaOne 2002 held in San Francisco, CA, USA.
   * 27 March: Philipp Hoschka speaks on "Applications vocales de
     XML" at Net 2002 in Paris, France.
   * 28 March: Ivan Herman presents a tutorial "2D Web
     Graphics: SVG" in Amsterdam, the Netherlands at a Masterclass
     organized by the W3C Dutch Office and the Dutch chapter of ISOC.

   Browse past W3C Team talks and presentations and upcoming W3C
   appearances and events.


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