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Re: Definition of Accessible

From: Matt May <mcmay@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 20:02:10 -0700
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To: "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines" <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>

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From: "Jason White" <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au>
> I agree with Gregg: whenever I read a statement to the effect that such
> and such is "accessible", the questions that always come to mind are: "to
> whom?", "under what circumstances?"

This is what I was thinking when I said previously that adopters are seeking
something that is "capital-A Accessible." My experience is that people
seeking accessibility enhancements actually envision accessibility as
something tangible, as if it were a standard that is simple to validate.

When we say that our goal is "more accessible" rather than "accessible"
content, though, the levels we set for compliance become all the more
important, particularly to those who identify accessible in the way I
described. I think that we should put a great deal of effort into explaining
the concept to stakeholders, for fear that they may have considered WCAG 1
to be safe harbor (that is, "I have complied with these checkpoints, and
thus my content is Accessible"), and may consider WCAG 2 to be a step
backwards in terms of presenting their content as accessible.

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