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RE: 4.1 and satire

From: Lee Roberts <leeroberts@roserockdesign.com>
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 11:59:03 -0500
To: "john_slatin" <john_slatin@forum.utexas.edu>, "'jonathan chetwynd'" <j.chetwynd@btinternet.com>
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I don't think that it would be able to conform.  However, the artistic value
would still be relevant.  I don't think it is our goal to say that poetry or
satire is an area that should or could conform, but we should not say that
it would be unacceptable to have it on a web site.  People do a lot of
studying on the subject of irony and satire while in school and possibly for
self-edification (although not my personal interests - if it's not
science-fiction forget it).

John's question holds a valid point and we should address it.  Should there
be a note that the particular page is not accessible due to the nature of
the message?  We could carry John's question to things more relevant to our
times.  The Onion provides satire all the time, would their site be
accessible or not?  I was certainly lost when they came out with the piece
on Dell closing - was it closing or not?

Modern Political Satirists certainly spoof on the antics of today's
politicians and politics.  Would their pages, articles, or even sites be
inaccessible with our standards?

Lee Roberts

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Actually, Jonathan, there's a great deal of art that isn't accessible, and a
good deal of it is quite deliberately inaccessible-- the work of the High
Modernists in English and American poetry is a good example (T.S. Eliot, for
instance)  And some artists don't care a fig whether or not their work

I posed my query in all seriousness, though: is it possible for satire of
the sort I described to claim conformance to checkpoint 4.1 at any level?


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Our students* have almost no, or at least very little understanding of pun.
I understood it is a common misconception that some nationalities fail
to see the irony.
the joke is lost in the telling? doing rather than talking, gosh i bore
even myself on occassion.

another reason why triple AAA ranking should require that its meaning is
understood by all.
AA is quite enough for any drier intellect, and really A should suffice.

Art is accessible, it has to sell.

jonathan chetwynd

with severe learning difficulties
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