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FW: High Contrast icons: opinion solicited...

From: Gregg Vanderheiden <GV@TRACE.WISC.EDU>
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 14:35:06 -0500
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Subject: High Contrast icons: opinion solicited...

Hi Greg:

It was nice to see you again at CSUN, busy as we both were (are!).

The GUADEC conference (GNOME Users and Developers) went very well
indeed, and the awareness and profile of accessibility is enormously
higher than last year, when even name-recognition was low.  Now it's
on many lips.

As part of our work we're assisting/'commissioning'/encouraging
(or whatever marketing calls it) some folks to design a high-contrast
icon set.  We hope to offer this in two sizes, large and 'normal'
(the latter being mostly for folks who use screen magnifiers rather
than just theming), and we plan to generate reduced-contrast icons

The icon designers we are working with have never done anything like
this before so it's a learning experience, and I had trouble finding 
examples for them to use in learning what the goal was.  However,
with a combination of conversation and the use of some image processing
filters to try and simulate a few vision abnormalities, I got the basic
points across (I hope!).

So now we have a draft icon set being developed, and one designer has
the work-in-progress on public web pages.  Do you know of one or more
that you could forward the URL below to, so that they could give some 


It would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

Bill Haneman

GNOME Accessibility Project
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