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RE: form controls to the left or right of labels?

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Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 12:31:46 +1100
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I would say this does violate the guideline, as from my perspective I
would expect that the reasoning behind this checkpoint is for people
using screen-readers: they need to know what the option is before they
select it. So for example, having the radio button to the left of the
text would mean the screen-reader would read "Radio button unchecked. 1
pack. Radio button unchecked. 2 packs" etc. 

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Subject: form controls to the left or right of labels?


According to WCAG 1.0, labels for form controls should appear immediatly
before the control (or above it if there is only one control on the
This usually means the label should appear just to the left of the

This is fine for text entry fields and boxes and pull-down menus.
for checkboxes and radio buttons, you often want to place the label to
right of the checkbox or radio button.  Does doing this violate the

What are the current views of people on this issue.
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