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Checkpoint 2.4 beta 2

From: Joe Clark <joeclark@contenu.nu>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 18:50:36 -0500
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>Can you think of a another work for expiry.
>Synonyms I found were "expiration" and "termination"

How is "expiry" bad?

>Most of the time, the problem is events that expire without user action.
>Rather they expire because of a time limit.    In some cases the time
>limit is a period of time in which the user has to act or a default
>selection is made for them.   In other cases, it is a time which they
>are given to comprehend something before it is removed.

Checkpoint 2.4 beta 2

For events whose deadline is set by the page author and depend on 
user actions, do either of the following:

* Give users control over how long they can interact with the content.
* Give them as much time as possible.

For events that occur in real time independent of user actions, warn 
the user when the event is set to expire.

[Note that this is not quite symmetrical. The author may decide on 
the real-time deadline but they may have nothing to do with user 
actions (e.g., "My birthday is next Monday. Mail me before then"; "I 
usually update my links page at 5:00; if you want me to include your 
site, get in touch with me before then").]

Success criteria

You will have met the requirements for cases involving user actions
if any of the following is true:

* The user can completely deactivate automatic timeouts or updating.

* The user can set the timeout to a figure up to 10 times the default 
timeout period.

* The user is warned before time expires and given at least 10 
seconds to extend the time available.

* The user is allowed to set how often the content is updated.

* The user is given as much time as possible.

In all cases, the user must be able to freeze moving text.

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