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RE: Assistive TEchnology levels?

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Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 20:24:05 +1100
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Just catching up on my email!

I think it is very important that we consider people's financial ability
as well as any dis-abilities. This is why I test on different
OS/browsers even though this isn't explicit in the guidelines.  This is
also why I have some reservations on the first set of conformance points
(OTACS), because I think it requires people to have certain technologies
and leads us down the garden path of "this site works best on IE 5.0"

And before I initiate a flame war I would like to say that I have been
sick and haven't managed to read all the emails so if this issue has
been dealt with I apologise.

See you tomorrow at OzeWAI.


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Subject: Assistive TEchnology levels?

In looking at the topic of AT it occurs to me that we might have
different levels of AT and ability to use technology

Perhaps we have three levels
1 - the ability to Access using any existing tools
2 - the ability to Access using standard browsers and moderately priced
AT.  (less than $300 ??)
3 - the ability to Access using browsers and AT in their default

(this last one is added since most people don’t know how to custom
configure their software)


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