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[CSS-TECHS] Notes from 1 November 2001 subgroup discussion

From: Wendy A Chisholm <wendy@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 16:26:36 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org
Present: Jo, Matt, Andi, Wendy, Kynn, Al (by IRC - as "classy"), Joel

Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-gl/2001OctDec/0286.html

- Dividing 15 sections of css techs into 3 groups.  Joel take responsibility for 1st five, Jo for 2nd set, Matt 3rd set.  They'll be coordinating on coding and testing techniques.
- Andi and Kynn will begin collecting issues from the mailing lists since nov 2000 (when last version published as note).  Andi will go through wai-gl archives, Kynn will go through wai-ig archives.
- Al is interested in nitpicking 'class' choices if you will tolerate this
- Try to chat on 12 November before the F2F meeting and see where we're at.  Or at least coordinate on e-mail.

Detailed minutes:
Jo testing on Mac. already working on test pages - units of measurement.
ASW can help w/testing
<Jo> test page is at http://jomiller.com/css/fontsizetest.html
<Jo> more to come.
<classy> Hi, 'classy' is Al Gilman in Haloween disguise
<wendy> what should be the priority for a draft for the F2F meeting?
<classy> Anything that helps answer a bonafide question that came in on WAI-IG
JS If every technique was coded with screen shots. in the 3 yrs played with.  table that listed User Agents.
JM Would like to collaborate on that.  resiability of fonts  have mac and windows, no linux.
JS I have linux w/mozilla and opera
WC webreview chart is great, but don't show interaction w/assistive technologies
jm and somewhat inaccurate.
<classy> Is there capability in either Adobe or Corel to take a bitmapped screen shot and object-recognize it into SVG?  Then we could make the screen shots faithful but WAVE like annotated, too.
js i can start w/font section and work way through list. cover opera and mozilla and netscape 6
jm i'll cover whichever you don't cover
wc reads classy's question
js interesting question.  good idea.
wc who wants to follow up? .. al?
 <classy> Let's see if Chaals knows anything.  He's double dipper on this one, AU and SVG Techs.
asw - anyone testing w/ie5? 
jm i can do that 5 and 5.5 for mac, 5 for windows
asw is all the testing covered? i can do home page reader
jm aol? 
wc need matrix of browsers/platforms/assistive technologies.
asw can help edit and maintain list of issues
asw how run? weekly call?
<classy> Accessibility Forum is doing a survey [matrix cells] could collaborate there.  I could follow up on this one.
wc some calls, need to figure out how to wok w/each other.
mm interop w/html techs and coding techniques
<classy> Does our vision for the CSS Techs doc. include comprehensive exaples at the page and House Style level as well as point by point exampleLets?
jm sounds like gathering examples, screen shots good way to go. even if get started on before meeting. then say yes or no.
js divide up the subsections and contribute. 15 sections i can take the 1st five
asw any browser support aural?
wc think emacspeak w/WWW browser is the only one.
js sooner or later, baseline capabilities will come up. using positioning, etc.  what will older browsers we will shut out.
<Kynn> hey you skipped me ;)
kb editing, piecing together, open issues and bugs
<classy> ag nitpicking 'class' choices if you will tolerate this
js jm, you don' thave os 10?
<Kynn> You expect me to tolerate anything you do, Al? :)
* wendy reads ag's note
<Kynn> I can work on reviewing feedback
js i will take first 5, to code those techniques. render in browsers and test. provide screen shots.
<classy> ciao, Wendy - let me know if GL wants me to follow up on AF/Interop contact or if GV wants to do it.
Resolved: js take 1st five, jm 2nd five, mm last five.  This means, they take responsibility, everyone helps.  Need to coordinate amongst each other.
asw in gathering issues - go back to november 2000? one take ig other take gl
kb at least, assemble the list of comments
asw - i'll do gl
kb i'll take ig
wc for now, send stuff to me and I'll post.  We'll figure out editing privileges and access to W3C server later.
wc next time to chat? monday - 12 november  we'll figure out on e-mail.

wendy a chisholm
world wide web consortium 
web accessibility initiative
seattle, wa usa
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