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VS: Tunnel vision, cinemasense and guidelines

From: Antti Raike <araike@uiah.fi>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 20:43:43 -0400
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To: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org
Hi everyone

and thanks to Lisa. However, I feel like having to cool you down a bit. 
Actually the CinemaSense is basically a product for hearing and Deaf 
students. We have included a lot of features to make it accessible to 
vision impaired, too. But as I said in the meeting we didn't have enough 
time to make proper user surveys with vision impaired people. So we don't 
have hard data to give you about how it really works. We have followed 
Jakob Nielsen's ideas, your guidelines and made some comprehensive thinking 
and mixed it with our expreriences about the item. E.g. I brought the 
knowledge about the tunnel vision into project because I have friends with 

I hope Timo Viikari have a possibility to join your meetings in the future. 
He's capable to work checkpoints and techniques with you. Unfortunately our 
report is only in finnish so far, but I'll guess there's no barrier's to 
change messages with Timo in the first phase. Timo's address above.

- Antti
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>Vastaanottaja: _W3C-WAI Web Content Access. Guidelines List; Araike@uiah.fi
>Aihe: Tunnel vision
>In Annti's fantastic presentation in Amsterdam, he mentioned cool stuff 
>that he had done for accessibility that I was not aware of.
>for tunnel vision he had non-content parts of the screen in a dark 
>background color to help people find the light background of the semantic 
>content section
>He had used a light gray background and not white, as it is less harsh for 
>some user group. He also had sign translation, which is a natural and 
>first Lang for the hearing impaired.
>Can all this be incorporated into the guidelines?
>Annti, could you submit some proposed checkpoints or techniques to 
>incorporate your research?
>Is there anything else that you know that we do not?
>Now Before everyone flames me alive, I know that most of this is not 
>priority one stuff. But it is things that can make the content  easer to 
>access and should be included as P3 techniques
>  (including having really enjoyed your presentation the in Amsterdam, and 
> it was fun working with you.
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