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Minutes Nov 30, 2000

From: Katie Haritos-Shea <kshea@apollo.fedworld.gov>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 12:46:16 -0500
To: "1 W3C-WAI Web Content Access. Guidelines List" <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
30 November 2000 WCAG WG Telecon
*	Action: Glossary, give a better explaination for Multimedia, to
include timelines and slide shows. 
*	Proposal: by LS and GV to reword Guideline 2: Define and expose
content and structure so that they are determinably independent from the
*	Resolved: Add the word "auditory" to the start of checkpoint 1.3 
*	Proposal: Let's reverse the order of 3.1 and 3.2 
*	Resolved: Meeting next week. 
*	Katie Haritos-Shea 
*	Dick Brown 
*	Jason White 
*	Lisa Seeman 
*	William Loughborough 
*	Cynthia Shelly 
*	Andie Snow-Weaver 
*	Gregg Vanderheiden 
*	Len Kasday 
*	Donovan Hipke 
*	Wendy Chisholm 
*	Chals 
*	Loretta Guarino Reid 
*	Sean Palmer 
Checkpoint 1.3
CS Let's not discuss the browser issue without CMN.
JW Wise move.
WL What is the term essential visual information? There should be some clue
as to what it means. This will not be clear to a lot of people.
CS Should we find some examples out there to link to ?
LS I thiught that we had discussed at the face2face the need for best
practices examples ?
JW Would it be OK if we had an attachment that defines what it is ?
LK I would like to see a more unified philosophy with these two documents.
JW The reason they are seperate at the moment is a pragmatic one.
WL The issue is the synch rather than the alt text.
DB I raised an objection to multimedia because it doesn't include slide
GV 1.2 looks exctly like 1.3 with the audio taken out. Is there a reason
that we did not put audio in there ?
LK I think it would be good to be explicit where the non-normative
information starts.
JW We are following the lead of UAWG. That is the reason it is longer. This
needs to be rewritten.
WL It is not going to work that way.
GV Does anyboby know a good word for audio-ize-able ? This is a
LK If someone were to come up with creative musical ear-cons to indicate
what was going on, would that satisfy the checkpoint ?
GV No. Synthesized voice would not be an ear-con. If the ear-con gave the
essential information, then the visual information would be redundant.
LK Could we be specific and say, speach or ear-con ?
GV A lot of people would not ba able to deal with ear-cons. Speach and
ear-cons are confusing when used together.
LK OK, say we don't want to put it in this guideline. I think we should have
an explicit mention of it somewhere. About non-speach auditory cues.
WL 3.7 is a place where you could put it.
LS and GV proposal to reword Guideline 2: Define and expose content and
structure so that they are determinably independent from the presentation.
JW, LS, CS, LK, DB, The usual discussion about what our role is, and who our
real audience is. This last 15 minutes or so......
Checkpoint 3.2
LS We need to keep in mind the color-blind.
JW Let's reverse the order of 3.1 and 3.2
Checkpoint 6.2
CS Good. Shows that other authors can use non W3C technologies in an
accessible manner.
GV Though it might be redundant
JW Let's take this to the list

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