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RE: Len's CSS solution for the text in image problem - will designers adopt?

From: William Loughborough <love26@gorge.net>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 07:27:34 -0700
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To: <seeman@netvision.net.il>, "'Dan Aunspach'" <aunspach@va.mediaone.net>, "WAI \(E-mail\)" <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
At 08:36 AM 10/24/00 +0200, Lisa Seeman wrote:
>what should the guideline be

The guidelines should be guidelines. They are not edicts/laws/regulations 
or even proclamations/standards. They are the carefully-considered 
recommendations of people who have (hopefully with some knowledge/skill) 
prepared some documents that should be helpful in making the Web more 
usable - particularly by PWDs.

Although we can't but be aware of the fact that these 
recommendations/guidelines are referred to in laws and various 
corporate/public policies, that's not part of our charter. We say use 
styling and if that causes insurmountable problems, then the problems won't 
be surmounted - full stop. Do we seek to make our goals attainable? You 
betcha. Is the fact that this is currently near-impossible a big deterrent. 
Not on your life. It's our job to be part futurists and guess what will 
happen to browsers/plug-ins/ATs/languages and with those guesses to issue 

Dictionary: "a line by which one is guided: as a : a cord or rope to aid a 
passer over a difficult point or to permit retracing a course b : an 
indication or outline of policy or conduct"

Thesaurus has no entry for guideline. (Old joke: "what's another word for 

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