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Non-profit help for homeowners

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Date: 08 Jul 00 2:32:03 AM
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We are a non-profit organization with
technology to locate the lowest mortgage 
rates in the country. Our database of 
lenders is guaranteed to identify the 
specific programs you can qualify for.  

Let lenders compete for your business!
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You can now comparison shop thousands of loan
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No cost or obligation to you.
* Programs for EVERY credit situation
* Borrow to 125% of home's value
* Rates as low as 3.95%
* Cash back refinances
* Debt Consolidation
* New Home Purchase
If you have special circumstances such as
-> Divorce situations
-> Delinquent Taxes
-> Bankruptcy or Foreclosure
-> Self-employed
we have the largest database of lenders that
specialize in these areas and will give you 
free information regarding your options.
Up to 5 lenders will send you their most competitive
interest rate for your specific situation. 
Click on http://www.loan-search.org and we will 
start shopping for you immediately.

Help a family member or friend with their home loan

We hope we have been of service to you.

Best Regards,

Christopher Lamb
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