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Re: Does the user know for sure whether the page is dynamic or

From: Scott Luebking <phoenixl@netcom.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 08:16:04 -0800 (PST)
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Hi, Anne

The comment was a general solution to a problem.  There are of course
situations where it may not always be true.  I'm also very dependent on
visual information, but I believed that bringing up the issues of people
who are dependent on visual information would have been distracting from the
main point I was making.  My goal was not to solve all possible conflicts.


> Scott,
> 	That would be true only if the *only* disability that affected web use was
> blindness. As you know it isn't, and the needs of some sighted folks are
> for the very features that exclude or annoy the blind user. During the
> summer there was a lengthy discussion of the needs of one of the largest
> groups of disabled users, and Jonathan, myself, and others pointed out that
> text itself is sometimes a barrier, and that text without the visual cues
> (varied size, bold titles and subtitles, brackets and parentheses,
> quotation marks, etc.) often render text as difficult to navigate or
> totally useless to many persons whose disabilities are cognitively based.
> Although my own cognitive differences are minor, I am a very visual person,
> and I have difficulty with posts to this list where the words <quote> and
> <unquote> are inserted in the text. I have to read the post several times
> to get the meaning. My husband, with significant cognitive differences,
> would just skip the whole thing as unreadable. Even tho my husband is
> "visually impaired" due to loss of one eye and ripening cataracts on the
> other, he is graphically visual rather than textually visual. The
> guidelines that are supposed to help dyslexic web users do him no good at
> all. 
> 	Whether the pages are generated dynamically or statically doesn't change
> that fact, unless there is something unique about dynamically-generated
> pages that I am unaware of.  If the graphics, multi-media, and visual cues
> are absent, the meaning isn't conveyed. 
> 					Anne			
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