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RE: Cognitive Access Three Types of guidelines or strategies?

From: Gregg Vanderheiden <gv@trace.wisc.edu>
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 13:59:12 -0500
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Very good observation Marti.

Hmmmm.      Browsers that read are one type of Assistive Tech.  They help
people who can understand language but not read it.

Are there "simplification" programs?   Things that take complex language and
re-present it more simply?   Clearly this would eliminate some of the
information, but captions (for the deaf) eliminate some information from
speech and descriptions eliminate some from pictures.


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Perhaps one thing that makes this so difficult is that we are 'missing' a
piece of assistive technology.
In the physical world ramps and doorways are designed to be used by
wheelchairs (not the people in them). On the web we consider how screen
readers, braille displays etc will be able to interpret the page, we do not
try ro make pages directly accessible.
Trying to make pages directly accessible for CD is sort of like insisting
that all pages be 'self voicing'.  If screen reading/translating software
were available for CD then we could define reqirements that support its
How 'far-fetched' is such a program? Could we make some assumptions about
how it would work if it existed and define requirements on that basis?
Even better, can some of us with the 'connections' try and get someone
interested in trying to develop such a program? This sounds like something
the NSF should be investing in.

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