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cystic fibrosis new chat room

From: Mr Goodlife <sixti65ross65@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 01:25:02 +0200
Message-id: <0FSX003EXF7EJ6@mail.bezeqint.net>

 i found your e-mail on the msg board@>>>>>>
http://mlburke.com/forums  AND I WANT TO LET YOU KNOW 
ABOUT OUR NEW CF CHAT ROOM. i made this chat room 
after i found out i have cf and needed people to 
share my cf with. 
now our cf chat room has voice too so we can hear you ( if you 
will be online with us ).

im from israel , im 36 married  and i have cf . my wife is ok no cf 
and we have a new 
baby girl 32 days old. and yes we are happy !!!!!!!

so about our cf chat room , it is for people with cystic fibrosis , 
family and friends to share 
talk and be there when in need ...off a friend.

i would love to see you there and hope to get the chat time with 
you !!!
tell all your cf friends about it and send them our link.
  if you have any remarks about the site any thing that is needed 
and i missed   ( if you have a cf web page let me know and i will 
add a link to you too ) !!!
 just send me a reply @    >>>>    sixty5roses@hotmail.com

i hope i will see you there soon         Mr. goodlife .

here it is again

      :)          *smile*


Who asked for a flower and didn't get one  
( you'll see once you go in ) .
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