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RE: woodcutter

From: Gregg Vanderheiden <gv@trace.wisc.edu>
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2000 15:27:46 -0500
To: "'Jonathan Chetwynd'" <jay@peepo.com>, "'w3c'" <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
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I don't understand.  Are you saying that sites like this
 http://www.peepo.com/drivethru5/) and woodcutter are what your talking
about as being what we should target?

For example:  Is this what you think the W3C WCAG website should look like
to be more accessible to people with cognitive disabilities?

I'm sure that's not what you mean - but I don't know what you do mean.
Could you help me.  I am confused as to what we are discussing.


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perhaps if you prefer a less acidic experience
http://www.peepo.com/drivethru5/ fits the bill.
It's about a year old but still functions just.

The graphics leave rather a lot to the imagination.


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