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Re: woodcutter

From: Jonathan Chetwynd <jay@peepo.com>
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2000 16:13:31 +0100
Message-ID: <002401bf9cb6$06cde140$f5419fd4@myserver>
To: <love26@gorge.net>, "w3c" <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
I'd really prefer if browsing the web could be a little like this.

For all everyone claims for text I find links less than surreal, and very
often much less than helpful.

My problem with flash/director is that mm never seem to have launched a
product that is used to aid browsing.
The sites that use it only use it to link to their own content, and that is
not browsing by my definition.

Of course one looses control once the user moves on, but it would be
wonderful if one could browse, even if only via a webring from one flash
site to the next without falling out into the real world of text, gifs and

can anyone tell me more about such a place, not SVG, XML and the world to



special needs teacher
web accessibility consultant
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