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Should the Tools guidlines be in one or two documents that is the question.

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Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 00:18:29 -0700
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I am sending this because I am not sure if I will be able to attend on Sunday.

This question is best answer by examining the goals.

Is it better to have 

1. A tool that is accessible to the user AND makes accessible documents but
has few features.


2. A tool that has many features for the user of the tool OR many features
in the document.

If the answer is 1 then one document should be used.

If the answer is 2 then 2 documents are required.

I think the answer should be one document.  It is better to have a tool
with few features that can be used by the user to make documents that can
be used.  It is best to be able to get there from here in a difficult way
then not to be able to be able to get there at all.

Currently the disabled will not get there at all. 

Each priority section can have both a user section and a document
accessibility section.


Tools Recommendation


All keys on the keyboard should be programmable.  It was mentioned that
there was a shortage of short cut keys.   I understand the need for short
cut keys.

I do remote order taking for fast food remotely from my home.  I am not
able to find other work I can do from my home.  I use ProComm.  I have a
max number of key strokes before I tired or in pain.  My right arm is
stronger than my left.  For example if I program or do other work with more
thought and less key strokes I can work longer.  

I program the keyboard to enter in common codes from one key.   I need to
program keys on the right side to do all program functions.  This is F8 to
F12 and all other keys.  This reduces the keystroke load by 50%.

- If a Baked Potatoes is ordered sour cream and butter is automatically added.
- If credit card payment is used I have one key for Visa, one for Amex, and
one for master card and it does not matter where in the order I am it will
activate the credit card.
- If it is busy "Told 45 mins" or "Told No Time Guarantee" will be entered.
- others like types of salad dressing, and sauces are also programmed.

If I had a different disability I would want to use different key
programmed for the same functions.
If I had a different keyboard like one by ergo kinetics I would want to
program more of the keys near the thumbs if the user had thumbs.

The tools should be able to accommodate many types of input devices like
keyboards with more than 101 or 102 keys like Keytronics KB series or other
main frame keyboards with two rows of function keys.

Infinite user configurable is required.  This can be done similarly to
ProComm does in their keyboard editor.

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