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PRI-2 Why Use Only W3C Technologies?

From: eric hansen <ehansen@ets.org>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 15:31:43 -0400 (EDT)
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PRI-2 Why Use Only W3C Technologies?

G. Vanderheiden's summary:

ISSUE - 2   One AC Member thought that guideline 11 almost mandated using
"W3C technologies" and they thought this should be more broadly generalized
to encompass   "technologies and specifications arrived at through an open
industry consensus process, such as W3C specifications".
They also felt that renditions using proprietary technologies may be
justified by business considerations and not only as a "last resort when 
other solutions fail."  However, they did feel that in such situations the
user should be able to select an accessible rendition based on open
consensus standards.

My Comment: 

I essentially agree with the commenter.

I feel it may actually help the W3C more to not have the guidelines mandate 
W3C technologies. And I think that we need to be clear, the guidelines are 
a "mandate". We have specified levels of conformance that represent levels 
of accessibility and advancing through those levels requires that one adopt 
W3C technologies. I question whether a guidelines document like this is the 
right place to promote the W3C.

Part of the credibility of the W3C comes from its being seen as having a 
high degree of objectivity and more interested in doing things right than 
in self-promotion.

Also, specifying the W3C in document may inhibit adoption of the 
guidelines. Some companies may require more internal approvals to adopt a 
set a guidelines that mandates a certain set of proprietary (albeit 
open-industry-consensus process) standards.

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