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Re: Priority for Techniques Dealing with Foreign Language Markup

From: Robert A. Rosenberg <bob.rosenberg@digitscorp.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 17:17:27 -0500
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Message-Id: <4.1.19981117171200.00a42d50@pop.walrus.com>
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At 01:38 PM 11/17/98 -0600, Gregg Vanderheiden wrote:

>We also considered a priority one except that there have been increasing
>complaints from people about sites that fail to make accessibility ratings
>but which were completely usable by everyone who went to try them.
>Declaring a site of 16,000 pages as being inaccessible when it is completely
>accessible except for the fact the pages do not have lang = en at the top of
>them, seemed to fall in this category.  Also, we have kept in mind that
>anytime we add another item to the list of priority ones we weaken all of
>the other priority ones.
>This was a tough call for us since we do see it as a serious usability
>problem and that is the reason for this long e-mail describing some of the
>thought process.
>Your thoughts either concurring or differing are invited.

How about adding something about an implicate language in the absence of
the Lang = ?? clause. If I am connected to an .es site, I would expect that
the site would be in Spanish not English so only English pages would NEED
to have the Lang clause.

You also missed a third reason for using the Lang clause - to allow the
Browser to select from multiple copies of the same data based on the

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