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combining techniques

From: Wendy A Chisholm <chisholm@trace.wisc.edu>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 12:41:45 -0500
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In the current public draft of the guidelines (19980918) in the section on
alternative text (A.1), there is a technique devoted to OBJECT.  In the
proposed rewording that follows, the information about OBJECT has been
incorporated into the discussions on how to provide text for images and
(techniques 1 and 2).    This was done to make the techniques more
long-lasting.  Note also that the HTML specific stuff is an EXAMPLE of how to
satisfy the technique rather than part of the technique wording.

--the editors

A.1. Provide alternative text for all images, applets, and image maps.
[Priority 1]
This includes images used as submit buttons, bullets in lists, and all of the
links within an image map as well as invisible images used to layout a page.
Alternative text does not describe the visual appearance of an image,
applet, or
image map. Rather, it is used to represent the function that the image,
or image map performs whether it be decorative, informative, or for
purposes of
layout. If alternative text is not provided, users who are blind, have low
vision, or any user who cannot or has chosen not to view graphics will not
the purpose of the visual components on the page. Since "bare" ASCII art
(characters that form images) does not allow alt-text, it must be marked up
specially for this purpose. 

Provide alternative text for all images (e.g., via the "alt" attribute of IMG,
or via "title" or within the content of OBJECT). [Priority 1] Note. This
includes images used as image maps, spacers, bullets in lists, and links. 

Provide alternative text for all applets and other programatic
objects(e.g., via
the "alt" attribute or within the content of APPLET, or via the "title"
attribute or within the content of OBJECT). [Priority 1] (see also A.10) 

For all image map links  
 * Provide alternative text (e.g., via the "alt" attribute of AREA). [Priority
 * Provide redundant textual links. [Priority 2 if client-side image maps are
used, Priority 1 for  server-side] 
Provide alternative text for graphical buttons (e.g., via the "alt" attribute
for INPUT type="image") [Priority 1] 

Do not use an image map to create a set of buttons in a form. Instead, use
separate buttons or images (accompanied by alternative text). [Priority 2]

Replace ASCII art with an image and alternative text. [Priority 1 or 2
on the importance of the information (e.g., an important chart)] Note. If the
description of (important) ASCII art is long, provide a description in
to alternative text (see A.2).  
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